Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lucky in Love

Life has finally settled a bit for the meantime. It was a whirlwind weekend with lots of family & friends around for the shower. And it continued just yesterday as we finally were able to have our portrait sitting for our engagement pics (will save a sneak peek of those for another day.) If you are on my Facebook page, you'll see them.

Where to begin??? How about with the theme?

Yes, they went with a Vegas theme. Fitting don't you think? Especially since in just 4 months (from yesterday) we will be married! The cake by the way was a super yummy banana with italian buttercreme frosting! The BEST cakes in the area!!!!

I started the day off pretty well with a great workout then busted out the pinot grigio while I got ready. It's never too early you know ;) lol

We did a little quiz where Kevin had answered questions (prior to the shower) that were sent to him by my best friend. You'll be proud to know that I got almost every single question right :) And my favorite one was "was there a defining moment when you knew Heather was the one." Kevin's response "not just one thing stands out but the more I got to know her & the more time we spent together, the more I fell in love with her." Sigh. Tear. I adore that answer :) I feel the same about him!

Everyone went around & talked about how they know became tearful as you would imagine. I was very overwhelmed most of the day but it was a good feeling. Steph prayed over lunch (even more tearful) feeling that she needed to remind us all that my Mom was watching over. My Aunt Pam said she was in BIG trouble! lol

We ate, laughed some more & it was time for me to cut the cake.

Hahahaha! So me! What you need to know, however, is that the cake cutter was originally used by Kevin's grandparents (who are both deceased), his parents, his sister-in-law & his sister. All successful unions! We will use it at our wedding as well. I love traditions!

From there we moved on to opening presents. I have pictures of that if you really want to see but I didn't save them to the computer. I was really humbled by the generosity! We received all of the appliances (except the coffeemaker) along with alot of the kitchen stuff I wanted. Kevin was happy to have received a wall cabinet he wanted, the decor for the downstairs bathroom & a belgium waffle maker (that was a total want..not need.) Can't wait to try that out. My fun cousins were responsible for getting me some fun nighties from Victoria's Secret. And another fun gift was a really nice spice set from Penzey's. Can't wait to tap into that stuff too! Kevin's Mom also bought us the Dyson that we registered for! Only 2 duplicates were received & have been returned. All monetary gifts were used to purchase our bedding :)

Here's some pics you need to see...

My Dad & I

My Dad, Me, Paige (Kevin's niece) & Kevin (I like to call this me with my men & Kevin with his women)

My hostesses
Julie (Kevin's sister-in-law), Me, Stephanie (my matron of honor & BFF), Kelly (Kevin's sister) & Wilma (his Mom)

These ladies did such a fantastic job with my shower. I am truly blessed & humbled by the whole day. It's hard to believe it's over & now my only focus is on the wedding! It's just 4 months from yesterday that I become Mrs. B. I cannot wait. Things are falling into place & I just am so excited!!!!

Just a few more pics that are a little random but worth sharing!

Baby Emma with her "Vegas Baby" onsie

Granny & Emma

I probably left out something but if you want to know just ask. It was an amazing day & I was very touched by how the day went!!!!


Trainer T.s Fitness said...

So cute picture blog...congrats and thanks for the share :-)

Deb said...

Great theme for your party, very appropriate! Love the pics, everyone seems to be having such a great time,even baby Emma! I saw the facebook shot of the two of you. It's a beautiful picture! You both look so happy!!!

Lady Rois said...

YAY!!! What an awesome party! And they did a fantastic job with the theme (so nice of you to dress to match! LOL.)

Many hugs and know that mom is with you always in your heart. I know it's only a pale substitution - YOU are amazing and she would be so proud.


Lisa LaMore said...

Thankyou for sharing! What AWESOME PICS! And Heather, you look incredible! So healthy and radiant. How wonderful!! 4 MONTHS??? WOW! How fantastic! XOXOX LISA