Thursday, October 8, 2009

Drive by!

Yea, I'm slacking hardcore. Well, just with the blogging. Life is going well :)

How about a little summary?

*TBL was not anything extraordinary to me this week. Tracy is icky & I'm not surprised Julio is gone. I do like that they covered the "eating out" thing but was floored that they acted like they had NO idea what was healthy!!!

*My own progress continues. I was actually down another pound this past week & am VERY happy with that since it was TOM. Good times! I have a goal in mind for my shower. It's nothing over the top but I'd like to drop 1 pound a week (that includes this week.) We'll see. No biggie if I dont meet it though since I'm on track!

*It's UBER cold here now. Summer is officially over. Fall is here & it's actually going to feel like winter this weekend with temps dropping into the upper 30's overnight!

*Chicago marathon is on Sunday. It gives me an itch when it comes. I feel like I want to still be out there but then I wake up :) lol My body doesnt like it anymore. But perhaps a half will be in our future ;)

That's all.

Short & sweet. I want to blog more but lately there's not been anything pressing that I MUST say. Heck I can't even keep up with all the blogs I love to read anymore. Bums me out but honestly there's just too many sometimes! lol

Have a FAB week & dont forget to tell me how YOU are doing :) I still want to know!


SuperDots said...

Yeahh, I miss you!!! I miss our e-mails!

Glad you're doing well, though! And the pounds are dropping off-woot wooot!!! :-D

Yeah, Tracy is pretty icktastic...I wish she would goooo awayyy!

Deb said...

I also agree about Tracy. I think she has some "issues". Can't wait to see her go home.

You are down another pound!! Great news. As for me, I stayed the same, but not complaining. Hopefully next week I will see a drop. I am back to doing more running so that should help.

Summer is over there? It approx 90degrees here today with VERY high humidity. I keep hoping for a little cooler air and lower humidity. Can you send some of your cool air our way to SE Alabama? We will take it gladly. But you can keep the snow, we FREAK OUT at snow. We only get a little bit (1-4 inches)about every 10-15 years. Schools close, businesses close, it's a hoot!!!

Have a great week!!!

Anonymous said...

TBL, well I was not impress either. I was glad to see that hulio did well at home.

Wish I could say I am down again. Unfortunately I am up 1lb. Hopefully next week will be a better one.


Lady Rois said...

"I feel like I want to still be out there but then I wake up."

ROFL! I love it!

Yay for progress and an even bigger YAY for your attitude. You'll get there, you'll be as awesome as you are now,just in a slightly different package. :)