Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What is the deal with that girl?

Hi all! Sorry I've been totally slacking lately! It's how I roll! lol Let's just cut to the chase today & answer the question "what is the deal with that girl?" I'm referring to Tracy from The Biggest Loser!!!! Seriously, she was so "wah wah" last week about being behind & I totally felt for her after being hospitalized. I'm sure that was hard. She seemed completely motivated to work hard.

Then WHAM the challenges hit this week & she's all about the instant gratification! I mean honestly who's not when it comes to getting fit. But so many of us have been here (watching TBL along the way for a reminder) & know that there is no quick fix. And if you find one, it's only temporary! All of the sudden, this girl, was all about doing what she could to win. It somehow became about that rather than taking control over her life. She gave up her trainers (yes 2!) to only have to work for 2 pounds. And THEN she caves to temptation to control the game & determine who's loss will count.

Jillian's reaction was actually pretty priceless & pretty spot on if you ask me. Tracy is basically saying "I dont need you." In reality she did drop 11 pounds this week but as most of us know. Diet is key! You can train until you turn green but if your diet isn't ON then it won't matter. So all she had to do is follow her plan even with not being permitted to do alot of exercise yet. I think she was biking & doing overhead presses with DB's.

So that's the show rant. I feel like she was playing VERY dirty for so early on in the game. Is she really there to get healthy? Time will tell but I suspect it's just a game to her. It doesn't seem that her head is in it for the right reasons. Sadly, she'll take Coach Mo down with her.

By the way, Shay making her plea in the end had me in tears. I remember not loving myself, not caring about what happened & just not liking who I'd become. The fat was a safety net. She's going to blossom & she's not going to know who she is when that happens. It's such a scary thing but an equally amazing one too! I cannot wait to see who she becomes!

On the "me" front, things are good. I started my new plan on Sunday & it's going well. The program involves NO counting. It's just 5 meals with set portions. So while I'm still measuring/weighing my food, I am not worrying about "x" grams of protein & "x" grams of carbs. There are preferred food sources but it's nothing you wouldn't find in the Eat Clean book! It's funny to feel freedom again. Heck I made Chicken Parmesan on Sunday & it all fit into my plan! So yummy (will post that recipe later.)

My weight has been stable & no change from last week but that's fine. My cycle is a bit off so if I can hold steady through it that's a win in my book. Ultimately, I'm feeling great & seeing some things changing in the mirror. That's what it's all about folks! My workouts are now full body too & wow are they kicking our butt! Feels great though it's cutting into our running (my legs are sooooo sore!)

How'd you all do this week? I'm so slacking on the blogging but will pick it up again! Thanks for all the comments. I think someone asked to about how to keep at it when the scale isn't showing your progress. IGNORE IT!!!!! Yes, the scale is a great *tool* to monitor progress but it can never give you the whole story! Do measurements, see how your clothes fit, etc. Those things will show more than the scale! So never let it bring you down. What would you tell a teenager if she was obsessing about the scale? Tell that to yourself too!

Until next time! Keep at it my friends!!!!!!

ps...where'd September go??? It's now 5 months until my wedding & just about 3 weeks until my shower! Eeeeeek!


Deb said...

Missed your posts, you slacker!! LOL!! How dare you have a REAL life!

I'm glad you found a food plan that you like and can stick with.

As for me this week I have a tenth of a pound loss! I guess a tenth of a pound is pretty much staying the same, which I consider a victory.

I haven't been able to run much in the last week so my activity has been down alot. I am still watching my portion size and keeping up with what I eat. Maybe next week I will see a bigger scale drop. I've put the scale away for another week. I hope the rest of you ladies did better on your weigh-in than I did today!!

Anonymous said...

I think we are on the same road... I too stayed the same from last week. Silly me weighed myself Monday (yeah i know i shoulnd't have) and I was up 2lbs but then I got on the scale today and I am right back where I was last wendesday. I hope that means I will be down next week.

About TBL...I was having a sob fest myself. I am so not one to cry watching tv but that Shay had me so choked up. My own personal opinion is I think she should stay there until the end. She doesn't pose a threat to anyone because her % of weight loss would never be as high as the lower weight people so let her stay there the entire time.

Tracy...Yeah I felt sorry for her the last 2 weeks but you know what... She is reminding me of Vicky from a few seasons ago...I am sure she has gained the weight back because all she did was play the game. I hope Tracy is gone soon!!



Mellissa said...

The producers totally made her out to be that character, I hope in real life she can get to a healthy place!

vanessa40 said...

Hi Heather,
How have you been girl..
I'm sorry i have not been around much but i see you are still doing great.
I love how you are not obsessing..i remember the old days at 02. I think i was the worst. Just wanted to let you know i reached my goal weight at Weight Watchers last Friday and now i have 6 weeks of maintenance and i'll be Lifetime. I feel so much better about everything now.
I'll check back in more often..i hope you do too :)
You know i miss you...

SuperDots said...

Heyyyyy!!! YAY for a post ;-)

Yeah, the Tracy chick--I don't like her. Alton laughs every time she comes on screen and I say something ugly.. I know, I shouldn't be MEAN, but she drives me nuts! lol Poor Coach Mo...ah, well.

This year is flying by!