Friday, September 4, 2009

Pity party?

Ugh, so I'll confess that yesterday I was having a pity party for one. I've been working with my doctor to get my body ready for baby making (no worries..not until after the wedding.) So she's changed my pills to get my cycle going again. Well, I have the WORST cramps, boobs hurt like a mother & I found myself overindulging on some of my beloved candy corn the other night. It happens but I started falling into the "why can't I get my head out of my ass" moments that creep up.

Well, today I realized, I'm eating well daily & a goodie on occasion is totally acceptable. life remember? I couldn't fully enjoy my dinner at Red Robin as a result (got the totally yumm-o veggie burger) but guess what? I stopped when I was full. GASP. You mean you DIDNT keep eating anyway? Nope. Well, hello small miracle! In thinking about all of this, I realize that I'm actually morphed into that "normal" girl that I always wanted to be. Just eating what I want, in moderation & trying to lose a few. What human woman isn't living that way? So pity party ended as abruptly as it started. We all know it's totally hormone related anyway.

I found a super funny video on Facebook today. If you are my friend, check it out otherwise go to google & search for "surprise your man pole dance." I will warn that one site called it the "fat girl" dance but it is a big girl attempting this hilarity. It IS funny though.

I came across a blog that my old nutritionist(okay, she's my age but you know what I mean) is now keeping. She's onto new adventures & saying she is full of knowledge is an understatement. I swear I can still hear her voice in my head sometimes! It's a good thing trust me! So go check out Jodi Jones & you will LEARN! It's sensible, sane & logical nutrition without the "omg, I ate 5g too much of protein." I thin it's what most of us strive for in life!

Off for a fun-filled weekend which I blabbed about yesterday but what I dont think I shared is that we are going to see JAY-Z on Tuesday night in Chicago! I'm sooooo excited! His new stuff is on the radio now & it's fab. Kevin's hoping for an appearance by Beyonce but I'm holding out for Kanye! Woot!

Have a FAB weekend all! I'll leave you with this motivation. Just in case you forgot that being strong is okay....


SuperDots said...


Hope you're feeling better today!

I started a new blog--on wordpress. I added you to my blogroll (I think-I am still learning, lol)

Deb said...


It sounds like your head is in a good place. No extremes either way. You have been working to get to that place for a long time. You are an inspiration for all of us.

Hopefully your hormones will get regulated before too long. Have a great weekend!!

Heather said...

I would looooooooove to have legs like those pictured!

Krystal said...

Holy Cow! i LOVE jodi's stuff! thanks for pointing me to that blog. it's on my RSS feed now. she has a lot of good things to say!

Lady Rois said...

YAY for the short lived pity parties!!! And welcome to the 'new' normal... but why is it so hard to accept?! Why do those old ways of thinking keep cropping up?!

Questions we may never know the answers to.

Sorry the babymakin' prep work is making things all sorts of wonky. I've been "fixed" and it's really weird. I've been off the pill for a couple of years now and those first couple of months were seriously wonky. It will even out!