Saturday, September 19, 2009

Living the High Life!

Been slacking a bit!

The week has been a good one! I had a shift down on the scale since last Saturday though my "official" weigh day will be on Tuesday's with the Biggest Loser season! I also got a really amazing email today with a generous & exciting offer. I'll spill on that more another time but will say that it's a step in the right direction for me to be a hot bride ;)

Last night we just had a relaxing night, had some dinner, read some magazines at Barnes & Nobles then headed home to veg a bit before bed. Tonight's plans are with friends. Dinner & heading to the boat (Blue Chip Casino) to play, catch the UFC fights & meet this guy!

How fun is that? Wendell the High Life guy will be in our area! He's been in Valpo before but I was gone at Camp Savage at that time so I missed him. I think he's handing out beer too! Woot! lol

Tomorrow I'll head to church then am off to meet another online friend! I met Cindy on the Oxygen forum & she's in the South Bend area to see her brother so I'll meet her for lunch! Can't wait. I still need to upload pics from when I met my friend Stacia on vacation too!

Okay, that's it. Lame update for today but no news is good news right :)

Have a GREAT weekend, enjoy your loved ones & do something great for yourself!

ps...LOVE the comments from the last blog. I definitely want to address more about what Heather posted about the extreme challenges the contestants do! More on that soon with the help of Tom Venuto's blog!


Katy said...

Hi hun! Sounds like my kind of weekend, hope you have a great time. I must catch up with you on FB very soon...Life has been so crazy! It will be Feb. before you know it!

SuperDots said...

Hey! Hope you're weekend was great!

I think it's so cool you've met some forum friends :-)