Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blog birthday?

Hey guys! I think it's my blogger birthday! I started this blog to a couple years ago allow friends & family to follow my contest prep journey but never kept up with it. So now I do it since I've vacated my former home (lol.)

I got some pics today from Kevin's BIL from our trip. I still haven't loaded my onto my laptop because we've not sat still for more than a second at a time! It's a busy time for us lately. This weekend will be no different but I'll try to work it in!

Anyway, as I mentioned before, our trip was really great. The drive was nice & while it was 9 hours, it didnt seem bad at all! We survived our first long roadtrip so that was a good thing. My only moment of being a little snippy was when I was hungry. I mean STARVING hungry but it was fine.

We shopped with Kevin's sister both days hitting up a couple GREAT malls along with the Nebraska Furniture Mart. Wow, that place is like Best Buy, Ashley Furniture & Hobby Lobby all smashed into one! Huge superstore!

On Friday night there, we had a FANTASTIC dinner at Jack Stack BBQ. It was phenomenal! We all got a 2 meat platter & mine included smoked sausage (which was just okay) & the beef brisket (AMAZING!) My sides included BBQ beans & also a corn casserole which was basically mac & cheese except it had corn instead of noodles. So yum! For dessert, we decided to try the "world famous" carrot cake. OMG, it was like nothing I've ever eaten & we are carrot cake fanatics! It was HOT cake with the frosting oozing down the sides with pecans. We were seriously in heaven! So YUM!

Uncle Kevin with Emma who will have him wrapped around her finger in no time!

Emma & her lovely Mommy

Uncle Kevin, Emma & soon-to-be Auntie Heather

The weekend was a good one. I think I mentioned the fresh candy corn (hehehehe) yesterday & it was really tasty! You know how fresh, whole foods just have that "clean" taste? Well, so does the candy corn! Plus, they have a huge meat market there with fantastic prices on everything (beef, chicken, buffalo, etc.) so we plan to head out there to stock up sometime!

Tonight again is the Jay-Z concert (sick of hearing about it yet?) It's going to be so fun! Although Oprah has part of the Mag Mile (Michigan Avenue) closed for her taping of her season premiere so it's going to be an interesting drive into the city. What typically takes us about 40 minutes may be longer as a result of road closures. But we'll get there, grab some dinner & be ready to rock :)

Have a GREAT night!


The Kelley Family said...

That is a really cute pic of you, Kevin, and Emma! Have fun at the concert tonight. I am soooo jealous!!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning,

I am patiently awaiting the details on that concert.


MizFit said...


how was Jay Z?


SuperDots said...

AWWWWW love the pictures!!! Emma is a cutie :-)

Deb said...

Happy belated Blog Birthday! Love the pics.