Monday, September 14, 2009


So that pretty stuff I posted the other day has totally knocked me on my rear! I feel sick & it's just because of the running nose, sore throat, stuffy head, etc. I know it's just allergies but it sucks & sucks bad! I did train this morning & did a quick clip on the elliptical but that's it.

I will not be able to run like this tomorrow. Breathing would be atrocious! I just want to go home & crash for the night. Thankfully nothing new I want to watch starts tonight (that I'm aware of.)

BUT Biggest Loser starts tommorrow & I was supposed to resume "date night" with my best friend. I may hang close to home because I prefer to feel miserable there instead! Then I can crash if I really need to! Anyone been watching More to Love? It's finale is tomorrow & I'm totally curious to see who he picks. The beautiful girl from Israel or the former skinny girl who's now fat & thinks her poo doesnt stink? Oh, did that sound partial? lol

I'll be watching both for sure! More from me another day when I'm feeling better!

Happy Monday!!!!

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Christina said...

I really really hope you feel better! :(