Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weightloss Wednesday?!?

Well, it's time. The weekly recap of not only The Biggest Loser but also how we've done as a "group" on meeting our goals this week! By the way, don't you just LOVE LOVE LOVE the Nike campaign? I cannot get enough of it!

Where to start? How about with the show....

I watched with my best friend as we've resumed our traditional date night. I should add that is much to the disagreement of her 3-year old who'd run around saying "No Heba" if you remember that season. Apparently, we must have complained about her alot! lol

The show was good & I was happy to see the one girl return from the hospital though am concerned that something is still wrong with her. She was indeed shaky on her feet still but thankfully smart doctors are still limiting her activities.

I was impressed with the challenge that tested teamwork rather than pure physical exertion! It was challenging yes because they had to maintain their balance on those beams, work as a group, etc but in the end they were not exhausted & spent. AND they got to call home. The one call that made Steph & I cry was the one girl that was talking about the butterflies on her call. Butterflies are something significant to both of us in losses in our families. Otherwise, there were no tearjerker moments.

Actually, in the grand scheme of shows, it was pretty uneventful. Shay complained alot about Julio who in the end pulled it off. Not sure he still gets it but we'll see.

The group weight loss goal seemed lofty too because we all know the curse of week 2 but they pushed hard this week & were able to pull of some interesting numbers. I think the pink team had realistic numbers. I think Week 3 will be the new Week 2 (hehehe.) They will certainly taper in their efforts so we'll see.

In the end of course, they easily met their 135 pound goal and would've easily met the original 150 pounds. It's nice to see no one be sent home but it's a game & I'm sure that will catch up with them along the way! What I just realized is that the show creators are doing well with creating challenges, twists & turns. I do not recall that anything to date has been repeated!

So that's that. A good show though nothing that really jumped out at me to be outstanding. Maybe something did for you tell :)

As for my progress...I'm pleased that there's been a shift downward on the scale. I was talking with Kevin about it this morning & while I get excited, I'm guarded because I know it's been where it is before. I have now maintained within 5 pounds for almost 8 months. Yes, that is amazing & hard to do but I've tried to lose a little here & there though so do find myself a tad bit frustrated. Ultimately, I continue to train hard, do my cardio & eat well. A change is a-coming though. With the help of an old, dear friend, I will continue on my way to where I want to get back to. And to be perfectly honest, I don't really care what the scale says as long as I'm happy with what I see in the mirror. That's the honest truth but for now the scale is a tool in my arsenal!

And finally, I have to jump from the rooftops & say that my bridal shower invitations went out last night. The theme is a secret so we worked on them separately. Steph stuffed the envelopes then we labeled & stamped them. I dropped them at the post office on the way home! I'm soooo excited but today I need to review my registry one more time, make any changes (remove the bedskirt) & then stay away. I dont want to be registry stalking. It'll be a surprise to see what we (okay, I) get!!!!!

Make it another great week & I can't wait to hear how you all did!!!!

Have a fantastic day all!


Deb said...

Way to go Heather on being down on the scale and keeping your weight in a 5 lb range for almost 8months! That's very hard to accomplish, at least it always has been for me.

Glad things are moving along for your shower and wedding. Not much longer til the big day!

As for my progress, I am delighted to say that the scale showed me 3 lbs less today than last Wednesday. I know not to get too excited over this because it might not hold steady through a another week. But I am being very careful of my portion sizes and doing my cardio like I should. I hope everyone else's number are good also! See ya'll next Wednesday!

Mellissa said...

Registry stalk, its fun ;)

Larry Liebling said...

Way to go,

I love the concept that your group is using the group weight lose and sticking together as a support team. I will pass the concept on to a few of my friends. Keep up the great work and stay positive I know you can do it one step at a time


Heather said...

Deb: That's awesome! And thanks for the kudos. I think this is going to be a very successful season of TBL!!! For us that it :)

Mellissa: I'm soooo tempted to see what's been purchased but that's part of the surprise right?!? I've been scouring over them today to see if there's anything else that I want to add or take off. Invites should start arriving on doorsteps tomorrow so then I'll quit looking at it :) It's just 4 weeks away!! You had a shower too right?

Larry: Thank you for the incentive, however, I do not appreciate that you've used my blog to promote your business/website.

FYI guys, Larry's link will just connect you to a "quick weight loss" website. So save yourself!

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Congrats on the downward shift. What your doing is working!! Time got away from me yesterday but I wanted to update my progress. I too have seen a downward shift this week 4lbs to be exact. While I know it won't be that much every week it was just enough to keep me motivated.

I hope the trend continues for all of us.

Have a great Day!!


Kathi said...


Thought I would give a quick update on my progress this last week. The scale was up a pound this week and like you have I been able to keep my weight steady. I continue to train hard and eat clean. But do have to admit that I am totally frustrated. My trainer decided to put me through a boot camp type work out this week and I was hopeful that I would see something but so the body is so resistent. Any words of encouragement for me?

Anonymous said...


I just watched the first episode of the Biggest Loser and like you know how they feel. It will be fun to wath their weightloss journey.

I am so excited for you with the shower and wedding coming up!!

You really are an inspiration.


(Oh, only on your site would the word verfication be granola)