Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Game on! (TBL spoilers included)

Yes, I've used that title before but for some reason this time feels different. Many of you know my story & struggles of being overweight pretty much my whole life. I got my head out of my rear, got healthy, ran marathons then decided to do a couple figure shows. So so fun! The dieting took it's toll on my body & it's taken well over a full year to get back to "normal." I've reached that place where all systems are go. I feel like my body is ready to try again. I tried last month but stayed about the same place.

What better time than the start of the new season of The Biggest Loser to make the change? Whether you have no weight to lose & just want to tighten things up or 100 pounds to drop, there's no time like the present to make that happen. Go for it. What are you afraid of? Join me along with a few friends that will post each Wednesday in the comments section with the good, bad & the ugly (hello candy corn) of how your previous week went.

I will also recap the show so be warned if you had to DVR & watch it later!

So let's talk about last night? SOBBING pretty much sums it up! I emailed my best friend (who I usually watch with) because I stayed home since I wasnt feeling well. There are a few that stand out to me.

Abby of course. Losing her husband, 5 year old daughter & infant son in a car accident in the blink of an eye. She was by God's grace not in the car & I think He just has big things in store for her. Humbling.

Next up is Shay. She weighs in at 476 pounds. She's the biggest contestant EVER to be on the show. (There's actually 4 or 5 of them in the 400's!) She talked about her story & when the doctor showed her physical age to be around 45, she cried, sharing that her Mom was just a few years old when she died. It was poor health that claimed her Mom's life. I want to hug her & tell her she does NOT have to repeat that fate. I know that story all too well.

Finally, Coach Mo. What's not to love? He's going to challenge those other contestants & be the one that works hard in the background. He'll shock them all!

I was sad to see Alexandria go home. She's a beautiful girl & got stuck with a partner (Julio) who I just dont think is ready yet. Anyway, she did great at home & has now lost 60 pounds. Not only that, she's encouraging her family to live better. So cute to see her prodding her Mom to work harder on the treadmill!

Those are the things that stood out to me most but I had tears just watching the promos! What a great, inspiring & motivational show. Will this be the season that encourages you to reach your goals?

So check your weight, take your measurements, hang up your skinny jeans, whatever it takes. Make today DAY 1 of your challenge. There are millions around the country who will be inspired this season. Will you be one of them?


Deb said...


I watched the first half of TBL last night(went to bed early-had to get up very early for gym) It is sad to hear all their stories. I still wonder when watching if the negativity of the coach(Jillian) is really not detrimental to their long term success. But I guess the show wouldn't make for good TV if it was all warm & fuzzy all the time. Maybe what the contestants need is a kick butt attitude to succeed.

As for my Wednesday, no candy corn to report. I have been eating well(just that my portions are still too large). However, I am FINALLY committing to a healthier and more active lifestyle. Will stay away from scale though except once a week. It's EVIL you know!!! My self worth will NOT be determined by the number on that scale. But I will be noting my weekly up/down weight change!

Christina said...

You know I'm here!!!! Love the show and your thoughts on it as always. And I guess I can play along with the commitment to comment on progress on Wednesdays...heck, since I have to be dieting now anyways. LOL So for the record, things are going well and I am on track....Im afraid of the candycorn though. Must. Stay. Away!

Jennifer said...

I loved that Alexandra lost 60 lbs! I hope she continues to remain strong throughout the season, so that we are FLOORED when the finale comes along! So glad to enjoy your blog, Heather! It will help keep me even more focused on the what I accomplish at LA Boxing, especially once I get some weightlifting in my mix.

Kathi said...

Love the idea of posting something every Wednesday. I have been on track since the refeed fest I had on Saturday. I am wondering if the whole cheat (refeed) meal is a good idea for me. My workouts and cardio have been right on the mark. I think my biggest obstacle at the moment is the mental stuff. Seems like that is the hardest atleast for me.

FitCrazedMomma said...

Hey girl!
I love Tuesday nights!!!
I was sobbing right along with you!
Love your recaps and I feel the same about Coach Mo...he is going to shock us!!!
I can't wait to see the changes this group makes mentally and physically!!
TBL you rock my socks!!! :)

SuperDots said...

Yep, pretty damn inspired :-)

heather said...

I held off on reading here until I watched it last night -- thanks for the warning ;)

I thought the episode was great and, of course, I was crying at Abby's story. I really just can't imagine how you go on when your whole family is instantly taken from you; but, she has such a fighter attitude and I admire her a lot.

The one thing I've struggled with this show is how unhealthy I think some of the challenges are. Last season I really had an issue with the marathon. As you and I both know, there is so much preparation that should go into completing a marathon and I don't think their time on the ranch physically prepared them properly for it. I do think it proved the power of mental strength to push through The Wall. And on this season's opener I felt it was irresponsible to have them start-out with the one miler in the sun and then drag her across the finish line -- I don't think her not finishing on her own was a lack of mental fortitude but physical weakness and it was just crazy to keep her going through that in my opinion.

I adore Jillian and even they she's bad ass, I think she really gets the contestants to think about why they turn to food in the first place and what it is they are trying to numb and push down by using food. I do wish they would have therapy as the one final component to the show, but I'm sure there is also a lot that goes on that we don't see.

Okay, enough of my rambling... ;)