Thursday, September 3, 2009

Having a moment...

Well, it's almost the weekend again & while I had a long weekend away last week, I'm still uber ready for this one to come too! Kevin's off all weekend so that means fun stuff!

We are headed to Amish country here in Indiana to see if we can find some bedroom furniture for married life. Neither of us has a nice bedroom set (though I'm still rocking the dresser my Dad built me for my 16th birthday!) We saw a set at a store in KC that was Amish built & hope to find something similar locally. We are also having dinner made for us by Kevin's roommate's girlfriend then heading to the casino boat for some PLAY TIME! They have a super fun 80's band at one bar & the Region's very own Nicole Jamrose (of Nashville Star fame) is playing in the other. So that's all Saturday. Then Sunday we'll head to church, an open house & then veg out.

I also need to make a trip to South Bend (or we'll stop on the way to Shipshwana) to visit my "aunt" Debi. Her Mom collapsed & is currently in a coma though somewhat responsive by squeezing fingers when asked to do so. It takes me back to my own time spent with Mom in the hospital. I hate knowing how people feel in situations but equally am glad to be there for her. I plan to put together a bag of snacks. I lived on granola bars when Mom was in the hospital. I was never hungry but knew that I had to eat something so I hope to give her some of the things that kept me going too. So if you are the praying type, please shoot one up to the Big Guy for us!

I'm having some time of reflection in the last couple days too just about my own health & it's really helped me realize what's important! More on that later perhaps. It's probably nothing I've not babbled about before but sometimes it's a good thought process to have!

Okay, just about time for me to head out for the day.


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Lady Rois said...

Many thoughts & virtual hugs headed your way and to Aunt Debi.