Friday, September 11, 2009

My arch enemy... (duh duh duhhhhhhh)

See this stuff? Seems harmless doesnt it? Kinda pretty, nice shade of green, etc. Well, for those of us with fall allergies it's the devil! It's lovely ragweed & it's been my arch enemy since I was very young! My only reprieve was when I was living in Las Vegas where this stuff doesnt exist! I moved home from the desert in 2003 & that first fall it hit me, NO MORE HAYFEVER!!!!!! They started to progressively return over the years with this one being the worst yet! I felt like my head was going to explode & had it in fact happened...I'd at least have had some relief! Ah well, such is life!

This week has seemed to pass rather slowly. Doesnt that always happen when there's a short week? Tomorrow is the annual Popcorn Festival & for the second year I'm not running the Popcorn Panic (5 miler.) Kinda bummed about that but am excited to see my bestie's little man (who's 3) run his first ever Kernel Puff (it's the kids race!!) He's so excited & keeps asking when his race is! Then we'll wander the downtown area for all the neat stuff people are selling, grab some goodies (soooo hitting up the boyscouts for some FRESH from the kettle popcorn!!!!!!) then home to clean up. I'll probably meet my Dad & his girlfriend down there around 3ish for a concert then Kevin will come when he's off work. It's always a really great time!

Nothing much else planned for the weekend. I'm heading downtown on foot tomorrow (2miles there) so the walking will be my cardio. I'll easily clock 5-6 miles by the time I get home!

Have a fantastic weekend all!


Deb said...

"Kernel Puff" for the litle ones. Too cute! Have a great weekend and keep the kleenex handy for the allergies.

Krystal said...

popcorn fest sounds awesome. love me some popcorn! :)

Lady Rois said...

(finally catching up on posts :)



Though living in MI, I think I was continually snuffy in the summer so I didn't really notice it.

Then I moved to Tucson and discovered that I was MORE allergic to olive/mesquite/palo verde/bermuda/inset plant that grows & blooms here than I was to ragweed.

Ahh... the good old days. ;)