Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lions & Tigers & Bears.....

Come know you said "oh my!" This weekend we are hanging with Kevin's brother & his family again doing a day at the zoo! For those of you that know my last name, I coordinated the email with the subject line "B's do Brookfield." lol Clever, eh?

We are heading to Brookfield Zoo in the Chicago area which is only about an hour away. I really love living so close to the "big city." All the benefits with none of their insane taxes!

Last weekend, we were at the lake with them as well. My goal was to enjoy our time, float in the lake (check) with adult beverage (check) & get some sun (check x10.) I was crispy & have now started peeling! I look like I have dandruff on my head! The only thing not planned was gouging my toe on a sharp rock (check) but that's doing better too! Good news is I was a little too tipsy to realize 1) how bad it was & 2) how bad it really hurt! Oops!

This week also marks the 4 year anniversary of my Mom's passing so I've been having a tough time. I still see things as they transpired by the day rather than the date for some reason. My best friend, her little guy & her nephews brought me a lovely arrangement of flowers on Tuesday (actual date) that definitely put a smile on my face. In fact, in terms of days, today actually marks her passing. I will cherish my Mom forever. She was my closest friend & we talked several times a day. I try to live my life to the fullest knowing that's what she would want for me & work hard to avoid the mistakes that ultimately led to her death. That really ties in with things I'm working through with a friend.

As for those things, I'm taking time to work on me. In doing that, I'm reading more (just starting Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), working with a friend on getting back to my happy place physically (more on that sometime) & really just regaining my "best life." Oh what a tease that must be...hahaha ;)

Have a fabulous weekend friends!

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