Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Just a random post. I read a lot of blogs & most of them are foodie blogs. I tried to do the whole "look at my food" blog but failed. Mostly just seems monotonous to photograph every morsel that I eat.

But for curiosity sake, here's what lunch is today....

Cedarlane Bean & Rice burrito
3 Medjool dates with almond butter (swoon!)
A couple ounces of RF colby jack

Oh & a Diet Pepsi.

Lunch of champions? Well, I have all the food groups covered, a good amount of protein with the bean burrito & cheese and some good fats with the almond butter.

I'll burn a little of it off doing Insanity after work!


Keely said...

I could never do a "look at my food" blog either. I'm usually too hungry and don't want to wait to start eating to take a picture or I only have a minute to eat anyway.
Who wants to look at my McDonalds food anyway???

Welcome Back!

Your lunch looks yummy...except for the diet Pepsi, get the real deal girl!

Deb said...

I enjoy your random posts. Food pics get boring. I ate this and I ate that, etc. I like that you cover a little bit of everything going on with your life. Keep it up.

Red said...

I hate the "look at every bite I ate" posts! I'd much rather see the recipe written out. That being said, I prefer blogs that are more personal and reflective of the blogger's personality - like yours!