Thursday, September 9, 2010

Race anxiety.

2006 Valpo Mini Marathon
(picture taken by Mom..the last race she saw me run)

2006 Chicago Marathon
(run in Mom's honor)

Sorry those pics are so tiny. Not sure why. But those are two of the last races that I actually did. 2006. 4 years ago & it seems like forever ago but I guess it kinda was. I've started training for a couple races since then (half marathons) but had to back out due to injury.

On Saturday, Kevin & I will run our first race together...ever. The 5 mile Popcorn Panic. He's always had to work. It'll be my first race since 2006 & his first since well, a very long time ;) I'm excited but somewhat nervous. When I first started running, this was the race the team that I ran with trained for though it was not my first race. My first was a 5K a month prior. This is a long standing race with the long-standing Popcorn Festival.

My best pace with this race is just under 50 minutes...would you believe it was actually 49:49!!! Dad saw me coming up the hill (there are a couple doozies) & told Mom to have the camera ready but she said "no way, it's only blah blah time." He said she's right there...sure I came. Running hard like I was being chased & I finished with a rocking time (for me...a fluffy, non-runner.) That was in 2004. The year I ran my first marathon. Amazing, huh?

Well, Kevin & I are ready to run (did a 9 min pace this morning for 2 miles) hard & run steady. We will be pushing beyond our comfort zone & in fact starting with a friend who will maintain 9's for the full race. Once we need to, we'll back off & he'll carry on but with that we still intend to push. Do you know that feeling? The one that you still feel comfortable but can still press on? It was tough this morning because I do NOT like listening to my breathing. Some do, but not me, I'd rather have some music distracting me. I have my race tunes ready.

I'm excited, nervous & ready to take on this route! Picking up our packets tonight. It's been a while & 4 years later am ready to own it.

What are you going to own? This week? Next month? I'm curious what your plans are to conquer your beast.


Anonymous said...

I feel ya with the race anxiety. I have my first 1/2 marathon on Saturday.


Krystal said...

I haven't raced since 06 either and had to back out of my first half this year because of my stupid feet. good luck and have Fun!