Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I might blow away!

This is what trees look like in the Region today. It's CRAZY windy & I think I might blow away. Why? Because I feel thin & that's what happens to thin people! hahaha

Speaking of thin, did anyone watch Thintervention? It's Jackie Warner's new show. It wasn't awful. Most of the folks need to drop at most 50 pounds & one of the participants is Jeanna from OC Housewives. Another is a 22 year old young woman who's bodyfat is at 50%. I almost cried for her. Mine is oddly enough in a healthy range for women even when I still need to lose 17 pounds to be at my goal. Thank you Daddy for a muscular build!

Anyway. We had a nice holiday weekend, dinner with the parents (his, my Dad & his girlfriend), gambled just a bit (only $10), did a run on Sunday (just under 7 miles), worked out yesterday & just spent the rest of the weekend being lazy, wandering or just watching movies in the basement (home theater room.)

Big plans for this week are my high school reunion mixer on Friday (not doing the reunion), Saturday morning doing a 5 mile race during the Popcorn Festival & then catching the parade, eating naughty goodies (hoping the boy scouts have the kettle corn again) & then just wandering the downtown area until they re-open the streets.

Why Popcorn Festival? Well, Orville Redenbacher just so happens to be from Valparaiso & started his popcorn empire here. Even more interesting, he started it with our friend's grandfather who recently passed away. So that's your Valparaiso history! Popcorn anyone????

Who's ready to own this week?????


Dotsie said...

Popcorn festival sounds fun! I love popcorn-I would have been in popcorn heaven!

I'm very ready to own this week...hit up a much needed spin class today. Had not gone in months and it was awesome :-)

I did watch Thintervention! I agree, it wasn't awful. I didn't realize Jeanna was from the OC Housewives--I don't think I've seen an episode of that, though. The poor girl with 50% body fat is just..wow. I really hope she makes some changes and learns something from her experience. I had to crack up over the blond who loves vodka--I really think some of that is cultural, as I had an English uncle who just loved his vodka everyday..and my aunt adopted that ritual when she lived in England...LOL. I was glad to see she lost weight despite the vodka treats! I do think that woman just enjoys her vodka everyday in moderation, like many of us here enjoy a glass of wine-I don't think it's a "problen," but maybe we will see if it is in the future.

I'm ready for TBL to start again!!

Laura said...

Didn't realize you were from that area. I'm only a couple of hours from you & have actually been to the popcorn fest a few times.

I have not had the chance to watch the Thintervention yet, but I hope to get a chance later tonight.

I have to agree with the Dotsie in that I don't see where a glass of wine or a small amount of your favorite liquor will be too bad in the grand scheme of things

Heather said...

I have to agree with you both as well on the drink thing. I think it's fine to have a goodie of sorts daily though honestly sometimes my mind still slips into the diet mentality from contest prep where you get one "cheat/treat" per week & kept it to a weekend day. So I still mentally battle sometimes with that part but am in full agreement in the whole moderation thing.

Laura, I didn't realize you were that close either! I love the Popcorn Fest! The whole week has dinners/lunches but Saturday is awesome since they shut down the whole downtown area. It's so fun (as you've experienced.)

Dotsie, I wish I could send you some FRESH kettle corn. Girl, it's soooooo good right out of the kettle while it's still warm.