Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Can I rant?

Thanks for the blog love ladies! I read a lot of blogs & some really push this or that. My blog is not about that. I don't care if I get sent free products to try out, I don't care if I get sponsored for what I might or might not promote, I don't care if I get "x" amount of followers & I don't care if I zero comments in a day. I'm not promoting my blog by commenting on other blogs saying "come check me out" or being all sunshine & rainbows. Life is 90% fabulous but there are days that just suck. I'm not going to blog pictures of every morsel I eat (unless it's uber fabulous & has to be shared) or post a zillion pics of my life (vacations excluded.) lol

The sole purpose of my blog is to share my antics. I have friends that I interact with locally who follow, friends from high school that read, internet friends I may never have the honor of meeting who follow & some who just find me randomly. I'm good with that. I don't hide much really but certain things will never get blogged about. I'm pretty open but some things are just private.

I suppose that's a bit of a tangent but sometimes that's how my head works! haha Something just struck a nerve yesterday when I was reading comments on a blog that I like & it was a "wow, that's great. I'm this or that & you should come check out my blog." Literally.

As for my progress, I want to make it clear that I am NOT dieting. I'm eating well, small portions of what I want (mostly healthy choices...because that's what I want) & enjoying dessert with my husband sometimes. I'm eating like a "normal" person. You can see what I'm eating daily on the "Eat & Move" page over there ----------------------->

I move my body daily. 3 days a week we train (Savage workouts) & then 20 minutes of balls to the wall cardio. 3 days a week we run 3-5 miles each run for now. My goal is to do a longer run each weekend especially with fall coming!!!! That 7th day a week, I do something....even if it's just a short walk around the subdivision, Insanity cardio abs (about 15 minutes) or a 20 min run...something!!!!

So there you have it.....some might have wondered. No chicken & green beans here!!!


High Heeled Mama said...

You tell them girl, lol!!!

Girl, I love reading your blog b/c its the best way for me to keep up with you. I completely understand about some blogs where they auction this or sponsor this or get this. At times it gets a little too much. That's why I stopped blogging for awhile b/c I was writing things that were NOT me. Now I am being me (but some things will remain private) and am happy as hell.

Love you!!

Oh and by the way please check out my blog High Heels and Diaper Bags :)(Sorry I couldn't resist LOL!!!)

Dotsie said...

Love the whole first paragraph :-)