Monday, October 4, 2010

I will.

If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place. –Nora Roberts

Have you ever had something happen that took your breath away? That left you feeling hurt, uncertain & defeated? Have you ever take that situation, stood up & said "I'm going to own my part in this" then make the changes you know that YOU can make to improve the situation? Actually prayed to God to help you find the way to make it happen knowing that you can be better?

Well, I had that happen this weekend! On a very awesome high from great progress in my "best life" quest, something happened. But with that, I realized that there was something that I could be doing better. Perhaps I thought I was doing my best but wasn't focusing on the right things. So I literally prayed to God on Sunday during church (a sermon that focused on precisely what the issue was) & realized that I have to be better. So that's what I'm doing.

Yes, that's very vague but it's extremely personal & something I'd likely only share with my Mom. We all know that's not possible so I talked to God instead. He knew but waited for me to reach out to him. Now in all likeliness, my Mom would've told me that I was overreacting a bit & she'd probably have been right BUT in that same sense, it's still an opportunity to be better which is precisely what she'd tell me as well. Why wouldn't I take advantage of an opportunity to be better????

We don't face adversity to remain stagnant. I mean you can but it will get you no where. You've seen a hamster in a wheel right? I refuse to let that be me!!!!

Will you own this week? Conquer a situation that's been bringing you down? It's a bittersweet week for me (more on that tomorrow) so I'm chosing...see that? CHOSING to focus on improving what I have in my control!

Will you?

I will.


Jamie @ Food in Real Life said...

I needed that motivation!

Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

What a fabulous post and a great quote at the end. I agree that we have the power to make the most of our lives. And the most comes with God's guidance and turning to him for strength.

High Heeled Mama said...

Yes, yes, and yes. I think we have all been through this process at some point in our life. Girl, if you need anything call me or email me I am around. I am glad you got through it and that you are taking charge like the Heather I know :-)
Love you!!

Heather said...

Thanks ladies. This week is a rough one in terms of life's circumstances but I'm determined to make it a good one in spite of it all. I think the best memory presents itself as living. Vague, I know but it's what I'll chose to make this week!!! Much love girls!