Monday, October 11, 2010

Sometimes you just have to give in.... cravings. emotions. emotional eating.
...the urge to go brunette (more on that in a couple weeks)

But even if you do, you MUST acknowledge it's a choice. I did that yesterday. I ate candy corn with peanuts for lunch. Had a couple pieces of the super yummy blondie for an afternoon snack.

Yesterday, I did some cardio while watching the Chicago marathon coverage, had breakfast with my hubby & our good friend, spent some final time with Kevin's family then proceeded to get things done around the house to avoid the inevitable moping. I'd avoided it as long as I could. I shared a picture of my brother & I on Facebook then the waterworks started. Craig & I with our dog, Crackers

I just miss Craig so much it hurts. It was 28 years yesterday & sometimes it feels as if it happened yesterday even with so much time passed. So I didn't worry about eating well, making right choices, etc. I just didn't care.

Today? I care & am eating well again. I got my training done this morning & will return for my short cardio session.

And? I decided that I will run the Chicago marathon again someday. Perhaps that'll be my post baby incentive? We'll figure that out later but I WILL run it again. I'll take joiners in that pressure!

Have a fabulous Monday!


Jennifer said...

Yep, sometimes you do! I gave in to chocolate and yummy desserts and other party foods that I just don't surround myself with. And, like you, I got right back to business the very next day! I love that about ya!!! Keep your spirits high ... we have so much to be thankful for in our lives! And, on that note, I will see you Friday nite! :)

Jamie @ Food in Real Life said...

Sometimes you ABSOLUTELY do need to give in. And it's okay. It's 100% okay.

Sorry you've been going through a lot. I too would love to run the Chicago marathon one day! Let's regroup on that one in a year or two, okay?

Dotsie said...

I would do the same and just give in for a day/short while. You deserve the time to grieve/remember. All that matters is that you're back on track today.