Saturday, October 23, 2010

Please send calgon!!!!!

So this weekend, we are dogsitting for my Dad. He & his girlfriend headed to Southern Indiana to enjoy the beauty of fall. It's so amazing down there this time of the year. So much so that you have to book at hotel in many locations a year in advance!!

What is normally painless has turned into a weekend of sleeping on the couch, cranky PMS bitch with a crabby dog. Did I mention he's 14, deaf & blind???? Oh & not used to my house AT ALL!

He barked & barked last night. Kevin took him into the bedroom thinking that would help him fall alseep. Nope, he has an accident in our bed & on the bathroom floor. I should've been warned when I got him home, ran to the bathroom & he'd had a #2 accident in the kitchen by the time I got back. He's old, out of sorts & I get that but wow. At one point last night, I just started crying. I told you...PMS. haha

It's a SUPER busy weekend too...I have a wax appt at 1115am, unleashing my inner brunette at 115pm & we are going out with friends tonight. I did manage to sneak to the gym too as soon as they opened. Brutus has been sleeping up until just a couple minutes ago but he's on the couch still so I'm not bugging him. I plan to head to the tanning salon for a nap later. lol

Hope you are having a great weekend! Just a few more days & man is the Big Guy making sure we are going to appreciate this trip!!!!!


High Heeled Mama said...

I want to see pics of the new hair.

Dotsie said...

Oh my gosh, poor old doggie! Poor YOU! LOL..I'm sure you will survive this, though...and be able to laugh about it later!