Friday, August 21, 2009

All things wedding!

Okay, so at this point in the game, it's going to be alot of wedding talk. Maybe more than there has been already. I guess that makes you warned! lol

Tonight, Kevin & I embark on the process of the bridal registry! We're off to Macy's tonight then Bed, Bath & Beyond tomorrow. We talked about Target but I hear their return policy, well, sucks for registries!

I am getting so excited with my shower coming up in a couple months. For some reason (I think I mentioned this,) it's all becoming more real now! We are just about 6 months away! I did a mock up of the reception invitations online & just need to show them to Kevin to get those ordered. It actually is more of an announcement with reception card & RSVP. I hope folks like it! I am getting those from Ann's Bridal Bargains. They were recommended by a good friend!

There's a couple blogs that I read too that are in the wedding planning process too. One is Jenn at Eating Bender & another is Mara at I Made Dinner. Check them out if you are interested in following their planning too! Mara's flowers for her bridesmaids are STUNNING! Anyway, check out those lovelies!

After the invitations, I get a bit of a lull until November when I call the Luxor to book for our cocktail hour after the wedding. Kevin's Mom is also working on a "meet & greet" dinner for Friday since we aren't having a formal rehearsal. Oddly enough, for the destination stuff, we can't book that stuff until a few months out!

Life in general has been good! I certainly have no complaints!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend & make today count!


Mellissa said...

Can't wait to see everything coming together!

Debbra said...

Oh those cupcakes look good! Keep talking about the wedding plans. Glad to see you so happy and full of joy. BTW, belated congrats on the 5lb loss!!

Katy said...

I cannot wait to see what you decide to register for, especially because I know you're practical like me and have great taste! I should make my decision on school tonight...hopefully some relief will set in before the panic (either holy s$@t, I'm moving 6 hours away or holy s$!t I hope I did the right thing!). But the good news is, if I stay, I may be doing all wedding things sooner than I thought!(I bookmarked your invite site). Talk to you soon!

vanessa40 said...

Hi Heather
Just wanted you to know i was still following along
You are doing great
Congrats on the loss :)

Mara @ What's For Dinner? said...

Thanks for the link back!!! I can't wait to watch YOUR planning too!!

Lady Rois said...

Oooh ::squee:: I'm so excited for you - almost makes me want to do it all over again (with the same guy of course. :)

Just for kicks, check out

Keep on workin it!

Oh, and Target is fine as long as you get a receipt... other wise, not so much. Only problem is most of their online stuff is seasonal so may not be available by the time people are getting gifts.

Jenn (eating bender) said...

So I'm totally catching up on everything blog and saw this link to mine in your post - thank you! Hurray for wedding planning!