Monday, August 10, 2009

No pressure!

Ah the joys of Monday & preferring to just stay in bed when the dreaded alarm goes off. BUT I still got up (okay, Kevin made me!) & got myself to the gym! Sadly, my fun shoes on Saturday night left me with some raw spots on my feet so there was no running today. We rode the bike & did some abs!

I'm in search of a new training program for us too! Any ideas on where to find a good one? I'll be looking at fitness sites shortly.

This weekend, I rejoined Weight Watchers & I swear I just love Kristy (our leader.) I swear they remember you & are just as encouraging as ever! I learned something too! Did you know....

....for every pound you lose, you relieve 4 pounds of pressure off your knees!!

Isnt that crazy?!? I am still at over 100 pounds lost. My poor knees, right?!? That's what I love. Forgive the expression but I always remember this... "You can fix fat!" Perhaps it's a little rude but it is what it is!

We had a good weekend, enjoyed some goodies, watched some UFC, & tried to keep cool! It was crazy hot here this weekend!

I think that's all I've got for the moment! I'm moving along with wedding planning though & we've finalized a shower date! And I've booked my DJ for the reception! Gotta love when things fall into place!

So....what have you done to feel good about YOU today?

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Sohee said...

Heather!! I think you will really like this site.

MariAnne really knows her stuff. She's written a number of articles and has some training programs that she's published on her blog. Check it out.