Thursday, August 6, 2009

Game on!

Happy Thursday! It's almost as good as being Friday, eh? I've been trying to entertain myself today but both Twitter & Facebook were on the fritz. Bizarro!

So, I've been reading blogs, thinking lots & bantering with friends via email. I do have some work to do with union reports coming due so I've been working on that stuff too!

My happy news is that we've confirmed our travel dates to go see Kevin's sister & her family. Namely their new daughter Emma (the little one that I posted around July 4th!) Super excited about that. It'll be our longest trip to date with 4.5 hours in the car (until we stop overnight.) But we'll have one day that is almost 6 hours! It should be good folks! lol

Back to me.....we knocked out our training this morning, added ab work & took out the 20 min cardio blast. Our legs were a bit tired & since we plan to run in the morning it was a good idea.

I was looking at old training journals this weekend & was floored at the amount of cardio I used to do. But you know what? I enjoyed it. I did 30 minutes on training days & 45-60 min on other days with 1-2 days off a week. Maybe that's what my body needed to maintain (which is where I was in my weight loss journey.)

I'm really struggling, I will be honest, about the extra weight. I think it's affecting my running with some aches & pains. I feel like it NEEDS to go for me to feel better. I've debated going back to Weight Watchers. I'm still a Lifetime member & just need to get back to goal to be in good standing (meaning I dont have to pay.) I still get their emails & they had a good deal on the monthly pass they offer (it would be $20 for the first month & then is $40 after that.) BUT I need to commit to weekly meetings again but I feel a bit of shame about being heavier. I'm NOT the first Lifer to have this happen & certainly wont be the last either! And I know that mine was a result of contest dieting..NOT overeating or binging. It doesnt really matter though...they dont ask. You know what they say? "It's great to see you again, Heather! Are you still running?" Yep, they remember me! So we'll see what I decide but I NEED to take ACTION!

If I do..this should go on my fridge! hehehe

Now please dont mistake what I'm saying today as whining. It's not. It's just my reality. I've been eating well, dropped a few but it fluctuates. I feel like eating intuitively without counting somehow isnt really going to get me where I am comfortable. That was my realization the other night. Something must be done. I'm the ONLY one that can do it & I know what/how to make it happen.

So with that said.......GAME ON!


Before I go, I wanted to send you to a new blog by a my friend Krys called Musings from Mom School! You'll love her writing style, wit & like me....yesterday I realized I forgot to take my vitamins! hahaha! Check her out when you get some time!

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