Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Moscato & Taco dip!

It was a tasty night in my world! I met with my best friend & my soon-to-be MIL to discuss details for my bridal shower (okay, just saying that makes me giddy!) I think I mentioned yesterday that I want the theme to be a surprise. My bestie loved it & was excited to get started on the invites already! If she thought it would be a flop, she'd speak up so I'm excited!

We discussed the menu & are going to offer up 3 choices. Turkey schnitzel, turkey salad in a lettuce bowl or turkey salad on a croissant! I should comment about the restaurant. It's also where I will be having my reception. Can you guess what their specialty is???

I decided on banana cake too!! They have the BEST cakes along with tons of other pastries!

BTW, what's Moscato you ask? It's a really tasty sweet wine that has the bubbliness of champagne! Kevin's Mom & I tasted some at Olive Garden a while back & I happened to find it at the store. It's so so good! I might have also had some Pinot Grigio & Rosato too. The dip for the record was a 7 layer taco dip. Soooo tasty. And yes, that was dinner!

I'm just vegging out at the moment watching More To Love & will sack out here shortly! I finally got to open the upstairs windows again now that the humidity has lifted! It was brutal for several days there!

Hope you've all had a fab day where you are & my apologies for being so behind in blogs. My downtime lately at work has been consumed with all things wedding! Which makes me very very giddy!

Happy almost hump day!

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Jeff and Natalie Perez said...

Hey girl just stopping by to say that you are awesome. I am super excited to hear all about your wedding plans. SO FUN! I'm glad your doing great. Keep it up chicka