Monday, August 17, 2009

Catch up time!!

Okay, are you tired of me disappearing? Ha! Well, how about a recap? Again....

Things are moving right along. My bridal shower date is set & the venue booked. We are holding my shower at the same location as our reception. Yep, it's that good & they are just awesome! Kevin & I went registry shopping to see what we liked & found some great bedding that we'll register for. We've not officially done that yet but will in the next couple weeks before shower invitations go out. And the theme for the shower is already decided but I've told Kevin's Mom that I want that to be a surprise. It's the only surprise in the whole planning process that I get :) She said it's fun & will make me laugh but it's totally "us." Can't wait!

I spent 2 hours today working on the address lists for the reception & shower guest lists. Oyvay, why didnt anyone tell me that wouldn't be fun? We've also narrowed down wedding invitations & I found a reception invite online that we'd like to somewhat recreate for our needs. Gotta love having a printer that's a good friend of the groom ;)

I have to say that I had a TOTAL "I want my Mom" meltdown last week with the shower stuff. Kevin & his Mom (along with my friend) were AMAZING. They really allowed me to vent & let the worry go. The happiest time in my life is sometimes really sad too. It's inevitable.

But onward we go...just about 6 months until the big day!!!!

Spot on in this department! Workouts are ON, cardio is going well & I'm like Donkey Kong with my Weight Watchers program. I was down almost 5 pounds this past week but that was partly "monthly" bloat & partly the same few that I fluctuate. But it's okay, I just want it to be gone forever! I really advocate for the WW program. It's so easy, realistic & really sometime that you can do for a LIFETIME!

I think that covers it plus my laptop is acting wonky (pics wont upload either) so I need to reboot. Hope everyone is doing FAB & your week is off to a kickass start!


Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Good Luck with all the wedding plans and I am sure your going to reach that goal of kicking that
5lbs to the curb FOR GOOD!

Lady Rois said...

As long as you keep coming back all is good (and as long as it's ok for me to take forever to catch up!)

So sorry about the melt down but that's sooo awesome you have people to help you through it.

And just so you know, there's going to be a few more not so fun times to come - more around the tedius activities of tracking down people for responses, getting those $@%&!! last minute details taken care of.

Just remember to breathe. It's a lot like the whole 'weight loss' journey - the day will be fine on it's own, just keep foucsing on creating an amazing future for you & Kevin.