Monday, August 24, 2009

Still engaged!

Sounds odd doesnt it? Well, maybe not for those that have endured the bridal registry process! lol Kevin was a trooper & I even let him scan the items we wanted! He did sneak one in there when I wasnt looking. I turned around at one point & he was zapping a martini shaker! lol Oddly enough, we'd use it & even found a better one to add to the other registry!

We were mostly practical but added our bedding & a Dyson vacuum which are pricey selections. But it's our wedding right? While we both maintain our own homes, it's the first (and ONLY) marriage for us both! So why not register just as a younger couple?!? For those that are FB friends, you can stalk the registries. We are set up at Macy's & also Bed, Bath & Beyond (who were BEYOND awesome!) Alot of our items will replace things that are worn out but some stuff we really need! It'll be fun to see what folks get us :) Just 8 weeks from today is my bridal shower! So so exciting!

The weekend was a good one overall. Aside from the registries, we did look at wedding bands. Mine is easy...white gold band with channel set princess cut diamonds (not all the way around though.) Kevin wants white gold or tungsten (really durable) but would like a little bling. He's uber picky though & a custom ring will be very pricey so he'll find something that still suits his style. He's a little more metro than most men ;)

This week is a short one for me! Actually today is my Wednesday as we prepare to head to visit Kevin's sister & FINALLY meet little Emma! She's grown so much already but still is so tiny! This is our only vacation for the year so we are looking forward to it!

I'm not busy at work either so I'm trying to catch up on blogs. I won't lie. I'm so so far behind! My apologies!!!

Have fantastic week all!


Mellissa said...

Wait until you begin registry stalking it is so much fun ;)

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Thanks for the laugh, we know who is in charge huh?

Katy said...

Ahhh I can't wait for the registry shopping! I know Jay will be one of those guys who is really into it too...thankfully we have very similar tastes!

Lady Rois said...

Hee hee... I was just talking with a co-worker who's getting married in a month about all this. I made a comment that the honeymoon is really your reward for not killing each other during the wedding planning process. LOL!!!

Rick said...

Wedding bands made with tungsten or titanium have a great look to them, and a cool texture as well. You can definitely consider these styles to be very modern and very manly. But watch what you eat, as neither of these metals can be sized.