Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I know many of you read the blogs that I have linked to the right. If that's the case, then you know of the passing of Meghann's sweet dog Abbie & also that of Andrea's precious Winston. Both of those really broke my heart as a pet lover & I cuddled with my little guy more that night. Okay, we all know cat's so it was kinda forced :)

But one tragedy that you may not be aware of is the death of Jen's Mom. As you can imagine, reading about this REALLY hit home for me after just going through the 3 year anniversary of my own Mom's death. My heart broke & I can just remember than hurt & pain all over again. You can read about the tragedy here. Her Mom sounded like an amazing person with a heart of gold. My continued prayers go out to Jen & her family.

I just had to share these sad stories because somehow the blog community has an amazing bond. So share some love, say a prayer, send some comforting thoughts, etc.


Lady Rois said...

Many hugs going out to all the folks you mentioned & you too!! It's been a sad week it seems. My parents had to say good bye to one of their kitties as well.

Have been giving all my fur 'kids' extra loving (as you say, they're cats so sometimes ya gotta /make/ 'em snuggle. ;)

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Hugs to all, and prayers as well.

I also lost a parent my father without a goodbye, I can't know how she feels but I can relate.

Anonymous said...

I've been loving on my fur babies, too...and yes, I know how it is with cats since I have two lovely baby men cats :-) lol But my two lady dogs loooove a good cuddle!

The tribute to Abbie (I haven't read the other stories...) really made me cry. I had to get up from my desk at work and go to the ladies' room. So sad. However, the new Maddy baby made me smile:-)

SuperDots said...

I posted as anonymous because blogspot is being funny!