Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Okay, so it's getting late & I realized that I never blogged today. I'm sitting here working on wedding stuff. Really just focused on a photographer. It's the last big piece & I think I'm going to end up with someone FAR more pricey that I anticipated but I was referred to this woman by a friend. Her pics are really edgy & different. So I'm really considering going with her. Check her out: Wendy Bunch Photography What did you gals pay for your photographer? I'm so curious...okay nosy :) lol

Today was a decent day. We trained this morning (old program still) & did a fast clip on the treadie. Food's been great but something seems to have well disrupted things internally (TMI?!?) I took some Phazyme & waiting for it to "pass." OMG, I crack myself up! Bwahahaha!

I was a the store at lunch & was finding myself being judgemental towards a man with his overweight daughter. She was picking out a bunch of crap food. I'm so not against an occasional yummy treat. I make no secret of my love of the HFCS-to-the-max candy corn so I'm not food snob. But this girl was clearly not in need of the 3 boxes of Poptarts jammed in the cart. I think more than anything it made me sad. I was a big kid but not because my parents let me eat that crap. Ah well..that's my beef of the day!

Anyone watching More to Love? Some of these girls are amazing, confident women yet some are just not ready to be comfortable with themselves yet. I'm all about self-love & confidence but gosh some of them are just NOT good examples of that. AND I just have to say that I'm finding Luke-ol-boy to be a bit of a playa playa! Anyone feel me?

I think that's it for the night. I'll leave you with a hot piece of, er, baseball player!

Yes, yes, I'm a Chicago girl & love me some White Sox baseball but who doesn't love a little Derek Jeter?!? Okay, you can't really tell that's who it is but it is...trust me! lol

Have a FANTASTIC night all & I'll see you on the flipside :)


Katy said...

I can't believe how much photographers are these days...I've seen packages anywhere from $1,200 to $5,000! And I don't like when you have to choose the prints you want and don't get to keep the rest. Jay and I hired a lady to shoot his grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary party (just group shots really) and for an hour it was $200 and that was the best deal we could find.

Hahaha and I knew that was Derek Jeter RIGHT away!

Lady Rois said...

I was lucky enough to have 2 friends who are excellent photographers and took our photographs as our 'gift'. We went through Shutterfly.com and created a book from their photos and photos from friends. Shutterfly also lets you set up a website to display the different photos - friends can order their own prints for not much moolah. :) Even if you go with a professional, you can still have friends upload their photos to the site, or snapfish, or kodak, or other photo sites.

mmm... poptarts. :) Have to say that brought up some interesting childhood feelings/ponderings. I was a big kid as well... mom always had 'goodies' around and never monitored/limited me, but she also cooked all our meals and included lots of veggies.

Michelle said...

Heather! We paid about $3400 for 8 hours of service, engagement session, a package of prints, parent albums, and yes ALL negatives. Now that we are in digital days I wish we had a CD of all the pictures...not that I got married eons ago, but it was on the cusp of digital and film. :) Since then I've found some really good amature/hobby photographers and wish I had known about them sooner - I loved my photographer - he did great work, but it is better if you know someone...and they know your good angles :)

Mellissa said...

I acutally don't want to admit this but ours was free. We have a really good camera and had a friend take pictures. They turned out amazing and I am so glad we did that.

Elina said...

I think we paid around $3,000, including the wedding album