Monday, August 3, 2009

Back in the saddle!

Okay, it's Monday & while I'd rather be home resting from the busy weekend, I'm not. I'm in the office watching an auditor go through our files to ensure that we've paid state taxes properly. No biggie right? Well, it's not other than the fact that I knew the auditor in my college party days! hahahaha

Let's talk about the weekend, shall we? We spent 2 days in Champaign, IL with Kevin's brother's family. Had a great visit, drank some beer, had some good food, did a mini-baking session & took the paddle boat out for a bit (think Flintstones peddaling!) Good times!

Saturday we left there & were (very last minute) headed to the White Sox vs. the Yankees game! So fun! Thanks to Kevin's roommate for the tickets (he got them from a customer..that we actually sat with.) We had a great time watching the Yankees get spanked 14-4!!!! Take that with a little love from the boys on the South Side!

Yesterday we had a Welcome Home party for Kevin's friend who's been working with Operation Iraqi Freedom in Kuwait. He's safely home now! It was a good time & I definitely had too much wine. Couple that with not enough food & I was NOT getting up for the gym this morning!

What else?!? Workouts have been spot on lately & my eats have been okay. I had a couple days of mindless munching but really that compared to full on binges that I've had in the past & it really wasnt a big deal IMO.

I did hit a point the other night after doing that though when I realized that I just can't keep certain things in the house. Does anyone else do that? It's not that I wolf it all down right away. Heck the candy corn was in the house for a week without me even touching it but once I start picking it's all gone shortly thereafter. It's a very different mindset from when I was binging but I still feel like it's a bit disordered.

I'm also frustrated with not being able to really get this extra weight off. I really struggle at counting calories again but wonder if I just need to do it. I'd actually count points since that's easier but I am still protesting I think. I have been eating well & just sticking around the same weight regardless. We talked about it while walking yesterday & Kevin thought maybe I could talk to a nutritionist. I'm not sure since I really have a good knowledge of nutrition but we'll see.

Gosh, I'm totally rambling right now. I just want to get back to where I was pre-contest. Nothing unhealthy. I'm not cutting out any food groups, etc. No low-carbs, no-carbs BS.

I hope you all had a great weekend! Will definitely be getting back to daily blogging. Some purpose....some nonsense....but always honest & just me :)

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Lady Rois said...

For the most part, I can be really low key about food...

Until I discovered the evil cinnamon & sugar almonds from Trader Joes. And a close second is the dark chocolate almonds w/sea salt (totally hits that salty-sweet button).


Glad that your friend made it back safe and sound from the ME Sandbox! Is he home for good? Either way, give him a thanks from me & the hubs (who was in the Marines).