Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bonus for today!

I wanted to share this here. It was a post in response to a thread on the Oxygen forum that asks "are you happy with your body." I've been talking with a friend today about body issues, etc, so my mind was fresh in the moment after having just emailed her back. So I wanted to put this out there.....

-I do realize that my body is healthy, functioning properly & I feel great. Weight is a blip on the radar is not keeping me from being me.

-So while yes, I'd love to drop that 15 pounds that my ass seems to be carrying around. I will remind myself that it doesnt define me, my passions, my friends or anything about me!

-It's a battle I've waged my WHOLE life & I chose at 37 to not let it be a battle any longer.

-I'm going to eat well (90%) of the time, lift weights, run like the wind & enjoy the life given to me!

-Then when 40 rolls around, I can see that I've not wasted anymore time worrying about things that don't really matter!

Why? Because life it too short!

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Sportsgirl said...

*gasp* you blogged again!! LOL

I agree Heather, although it is hard not to focus on the outside (especially if you're carrying extra lovin') it is important to celebrate what your body can do and feed it nutritious food and enjoy it!!