Friday, January 2, 2009

Where'd it go??????

I'm referring to 2008!?! The year went by soooo fast. Probably because I spent the first 5 months of it in contest prep! That made things fly by.

So here it is January 2nd already! I'm a year older, wiser & aging better than fine wine (so I tell Kevin! lol) My birthday was uneventful really. We grabbed lunch, spent the day vegging with hockey, football & a Biggest Loser marathon. Dad actually forgot my birthday...yea....really. That kinda stung a bit but today's a new day.

On tap for this year will be...

April 11: Valparaiso Mini Marathon (it's a half-marathon)
May 09: Fifth Third Bank River 25K Run (15.5 miles)

That's all that's on the radar for now though I'll probably do a fall race or two.

I supp0se I should do a 2008 year in review but really the biggest accomplishment was competing in 2 national qualifier figure shows, dealing with post-show aftermath related to metabolic damage & keeping my head in the game when that happened. It could've been a lot worse.

I've really sucked at keeping this updated but will try for at least a weekly recap though will try to do more. Ha! I said try.......

Happy New Year!

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Sportsgirl said...

Happy Belated Birthday Heather! Hope 2009 is fantastic for you :-D