Monday, January 5, 2009

It's on!

So here we are the official day of the New Year's Resolutioners! This translates to packed gyms, healthy foods in carts & people telling the world that they vow to do this or that for the upcoming year. In reality, that means for most that they will eat well for a few weeks (maybe), hit the gym for a month (maybe) & will realize that it's not really all that fun. Most will fade away until next year.

I recall 2 guys in my gym from last year this time. They were the 2 that really stuck with it. The younger guy faded away around September but the older guy pressed on through the end of October. I wonder if they will come back. Both lost a significant amount of weight & really changed their lives. I hope they are well & ready to face 2009 with the same zest for life!

Here's what I posted in my Oxygen journal this morning....

I see myself changing this year...for the better. My goals have completely shifted from "I want to look like this or be this # on the scale" to "I want to be healthy for my lifetime."

I got a card in the mail from WW the other day..they need leaders. I got very excited then realized that I'm not eligible since I'm not at goal.

*I want to get back to goal so I can work for WW & inspire others once again.

*I also realized this weekend that I need to take better care of my skin.

*I need to be true to myself.....always.*I will focus on the future & let go of the past. Yesterday's sermon was amazing....dont let the successes or failures of the past keep you from moving to the future! Live for today, focus on tomorrow!

I guess those are my resolutions/goals for the upcoming year!

I just want to focus on health. I've said this before but I promised my Dad, as we waited for Mom to pass, that I would stay healthy. That's my focus, that's my goal, that's priority!

What is your priority?


Elena said...

Great 2009 goals Heather!

Anonymous said...

you would be wonderful as a WW leader! I miss you H.. hope your birthday was wonderful.. lots of love doll! *hugsnkisses*