Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yea, so it's me again. Coming to report in & accept my pennance for slacking on the blog. It's hard because I keep a journal at an online fitness forum so that tends to get my attention. I'd rather keep up more here with what's going on with me so I'll work to do that.

What is preferred? Daily recap? Weekly recap? Mad ramblings?

So I think I mentioned that it was "detox" time come January 15th. That started off with a bang & I've been doing great sticking to healthful eating, etc. My body is back to normal functioning FINALLY after dealing with the aftermath of metabolic damage. The extra weight is not coming off as quickly as I expected it to but I'm just not letting it get to me (well, trying anyway!) It's tough but the important thing is to have all systems go once again!

Running is going well! I'm well into my training program & feeling great. Long run last weekend was 6.5 miles. This weekend is a stepback so only 3 scheduled. Things are feeling great! Kevin got me new running shoes for my birthday so that's done. I also got a giftcard for Dick's Sporting Goods from him for Christmas so I'm going to hook myself up with some cold weather gear. We've been running inside but as the runs increase I DREAD doing anything more than 1.5 hours on the treadmill. And to be honest, even that is daunting!

Training (weights) is also going well & we've switched it up to a full body workout now that the running is increasing. I just cannot be super sore anymore & with a body part split I just push too hard. This forces me to back off the volume for a while. My body will thank me!

I spent some time catching up with Oprah's Best Life Series & watching the webcast with Bob Green. Good stuff. Definitely insightful. I'm actually doing a little thing with a friend on the side. She's responded to Bob's questions that he posed on the show then I'm going to do the same. She's my accountability partner I guess you could say. It's refreshing in the point that she has walked a similar path as I have with weight gain, loss, rebound, etc. I'm excited about it which reminds me...I need to get to those questions! I will keep her "identity" to myself but will say to her here that I'm really grateful to be doing this with her.

I suspect that's about it for now. Life is treating me well & even with the speed bumps have learned what & who is important to me!

Happy Trails!

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