Sunday, January 25, 2009

Friday & Saturday recap!

I had trouble accessing the blog site on Friday so here's my attempt to catch up! I see my list of blogs I read has also disappeared! Boooo!

Friday, 01/23/09
Training: FB workout & abs
Cardio: Off

Rice cake, PB2 & SF jam
Whole eggs (2), english muffin, goat cheese & a few crackers
Kashi bar & yogurt with pumpkin butter
Subway chicken with cheese; light chips
Yogurt with pumpkin butter
Wings, potato wedges & beer (best meal of the day!)

Notes: Legs seem tired today even after a day off yesterday. Long run for the weekend is only 3 miles so I'll do that solo though not sure what day. Wanted to be outside but the temp is going WAY below freezing overnight!
Saturday, 01/24/09
Training: Off
Cardio: 3 mile run & 25 min easy bike

Eats: Cheat day
Not the usual planned meals but it included candy corn & peanuts, rice cakes & PB2, lowfat chicken buffalo bites, light bagels with light cream cheese, lean turkey sausage & homemade shells with cheese (didnt turn out quite right though.) Oh & my super naughty treat was some Haagen Daas Peppermint Bark ice cream (white chocolate ice cream with peppermint & chocolate bits!!!) OMG, delish!

Went to the VU game & they lost but it was a valiant effort. The team is growing & will be a contender in the league in the next few years.

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