Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekly Plan

Morning & happy birthday to my Daddy! I think I may have blogged (maybe not) that he forgot my birthday this year. He felt totally horrible about it & even told me that I could forget his. There's NO way that I could do that. I baked him some brownies & gave him a super funny card!

I thought I'd post up my plan for this week.

Sunday: Off
Monday: FB training
Tuesday: 30-40 min run or elliptical
Wednesday: FB training
Thursday: 30-40 min run or elliptical
Friday: FB training
Saturday: 8 mile long run

I'm not feeling well today. I've felt like I've been fighting off a dirty little bug the last few days & today feels no better. I'm not really hungry though making myself eat a little bit. I may not be posting meals this week as a result. Hunger's non-existant thus I wont be getting my cals in.

This weekend we are taking an early Valentine's getaway to Chicago. We'll take the train is which is always nice & easy. Then we dont have to worry about giving up a paycheck to park in the city!

Not much else to update at the moment. I had a subject swirling through my head last night as I fell asleep but it's gone for now. It'll come back when it's ready!

Make this week count!

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