Thursday, January 22, 2009


I think at some point I'm going to run out of snazzy titles. Or perhaps I have already because "hmmmm" isnt really snazzy is it? Ah well.

It's Thursday which has equated to "date night" since October 2006 when Kevin & I started dating. It started with dinner at my house usually, watched Grey's then morphed into VU (Valparaiso University) men's basketball nights. So here we are almost 2.5 years later & it still stands. Except now date nights filter into the weekends which is fine by me!

Tonight's agenda is dinner out (someone doesnt feel like cooking) so I suggested a "you pick, I pay" deal then we headed to VU for the game. The team is very green & not having a good season but they have fresh talent & some great kids joining us for next season. It's still fun to watch. Some of you may remember the winning shot that Bryce Drew took to win a NCAA tourney game. Google it...I dare you! It was actually shown this past weekend as a highlight clip before a NFL playoff game! Cool stuff..right in our backyard!

Recap for 01/22/09
Training: Off
Cardio: Off

*Egg whites, peppers, onions, 2% cheese & english muffin
*Apple (forgot my granola bar)
*Cedar Lane burrito & yogurt
*Apple & pumpkin butter (oh so good!)
*Goat cheese & All Bran crackers
*Chili's Guiltless grilled buffalo chicken sandwich & veggies

Notes: It was GREAT to have today off. I did run last night after work (legs hated me) but it was equally nice to sleep in & I actually went to bed at 830pm last night. I was soooo tired & just quit fighting it. I didn't roll out of bed until 6am! Woot!

Food is seemingly light prior to dinner. That is sorta on purpose today (didnt mean to forget the granola bar) to allow for more room for a splurge if so chosen at dinner. I put the idea out there to try to eat at Noodles & Co. We've tried but they are always packed so have yet to make it there. Otherwise, our old standby of Chili's, Friday's or BW-3 will always be there.

I've also taken time today to make connections with friends. It was important & something that I needed to do! I cherish my friendships & those that are dear to me. Things happen but you know that your friends are always going to be there for you!

And I want to thank everyone for the really sweet, encouraging & insightful comments! It's great to have everyone following along!

Stay warm!

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Christina said...

I just wanted to let you know that Im here following along! I just cant do without my dose of fabulous Heather! :)