Thursday, July 16, 2009

Afternoon! I've actually started to blog a few times today but then dont have much to say....GASP!?! I'm just in a the "go with the flow" mood today! That's a good thing right?

Wedding stuff has really been on the agenda for the most part today. Emailing with the catering person at the hotel. We have made some decisions about our "after party" as I'll call it. Instead of a dinner in Vegas, we are hosting dessert & cocktails for our guests. This will allow us more budget for our big reception here. Though it's not as big as it could be because the room is limited to less guests that we thought but all will be fine!

Anyway, Save the Dates have gone out & I cannot wait for our family to receive them. Only my Maid of Honor has seen them so everyone will be 100% surprised. So fun!

Things are just falling into place & that gets me super excited. Moreso just to become Mrs. B but to celebrate too!

We ran last night (about 4.5 miles) in the crazy heat & humidity with the sun beating down. Oddly enough, it felt pretty good. On our route, we passed Valpo Velvet ice cream & while I saw my friend's car, we didnt stop. I got home to a message from her because she saw us! There was alot of folks out in the downtown area inspite of the heat!

This morning I trained & have been keeping entertained at work all day. Tonight's plans are just making dinner for Kevin & I, running some errands & just vegging out.

Hope your day has been a great one!

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Mellissa said...

Are you doing the wedding at the Luxor?