Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm in love....

Meet Emma. She belongs to Kevin's sister & brother-in-law. Born just a couple days later than expected but she graced the world on the 4th of July. Like her soon-to-be, Auntie Heather, she wanted a holiday birthday :) Mine is New Year's Day for the record. lol She's just precious & I cannot wait to meet her. I suspect that'll happen early August when she & Mommy come to go wedding dress shopping with me & her Granny (who's loving her big-time right now!)

Speaking of wedding, I just got word from my groom-to-be that my Save the Dates are complete. It makes my heart go pitter patter (almost as much as looking at baby pics!) I will get my addresses together & get labels printed.

We had a great weekend doing alot of little things.

Friday had dinner at Hacienda, shopped, drove the lakeshore & went to the boat (I was $30 richer when we left.)

Saturday went for a run, shopped at Sam's Club, watched a movie, had dinner at BW-3 & sat on my porch watching neighbors set off fireworks with beverages in hand (wine for me & Michelob Ultra for Kevin.)

Sunday we went to the final service in the church's current sanctuary & got a glimpse of the new worship center. It was very overwhelming to see friend's come to the stage with just a piece of cardboard sharing their story. Some lived with abuse, neglect, addiction, regret, loss, etc. It was a tearful reminder that I said my final good-bye to my Mom in that very place as well. My friend's husband's poster said this "Opiate addiction left me for dead" and the flipside read this "but I was saved again by God's grace." God is good.

We spent a couple hours driving around the area because it was so nice. We did that as kids & it was so nice to just veg out taking in the sights.

I made us a big dinner last night...grilled steaks, oven potatoes & corn on the cob. It was intended for Saturday but it was raining. Dessert was our fave lowfat poundcake, FF vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries & a blob (yes, blob) of lite cool whip.

It was a low-key weekend & honestly one of the nicest I could have asked for :)

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend & shared in some blessings!


SuperDots said...

Emma is PRECIOUS!!! Awwww! :-)

Very exciting on the save the dates being complete!!!

Congrats on the win--Alton won $1,000 on a poker machine last week! That's how I got the iPhone! hehehe!!!

Glad you enjoyed your low key weekend! I had steak too--and margaritas,wooohoooo! The steak thing is big because getting me to eat steak means you may as well beat your head on the wall--the combination of being hungry and being tipsy sent me over the edge--and I enjoyed the hell ouf of that steak! Oh, and some sweet potatoe fries... ;-)

YAY for great weekends!

Mellissa said...

She is so cute!

SuperDots said...

Hey--I just noticed the workouts section on the side---you changed, huh?! I like it!

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Awww congrats!