Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday..woot woot!

All hail the day that we all look forward to the most!! The station that my alarm is set to plays the funniest Friday song EVER & I tried to find it online but with no success. It make you giggle & at times Kevin will do a little dance to it too. Dont tell him I

We opted to not run this morning, mostly because my body was tired. It turned into an incline treadmill walk instead. Then I did abs & foam rolled at home. Wowza my back is already sore from yesterday. Good stuff!

Not sure what's on the agenda for the weekend just yet but I think it'll be low-key. Maybe going to see a movie or just picking one up to watch at home. I did see that The Proposal is in the Five Buck Club so maybe we'll catch that! I'm also thinking about making some tasty stuffed peppers tomorrow that we can have for 2 night's worth of dinners.

I need a dessert idea though. Last weekend I made my friend's super easy Taffy Apple Salad. I'll post that on the recipe page in a bit. Ideas for me?

Have a FANTASTIC weekend all!

ps...yep, we are getting married at the Luxor and here's a pic from our first vacation ever! It was actually to Vegas in 2007 for the Olympia!


Mellissa said...

My go to dessert is mini cheesecakes, (even though I cant eat them) I take any cheesecake receipe and use a Nilla or Choco Wafer as the crust and bake in a muffin wrapper with the filling and toppings.

Katy said...

If you're looking for a calorie conscious (and don't mind the artificial crap) dessert, I've been making Jay trifles with layers of brownie (diet coke recipe), sugar free pudding (usually chocolate/white chocolate or cheesecake flavor), chocolate chips and FF cool whip. Its yummy.

Last week I made brownies for Jay's poker night he went to - brownies with Reese's PB cups in it (chopped), then frosted with chocolate frosting, piled high with more chopped Reese's and drizzled with melted peanut butter.

We've been dying to see the Proposal, heard its great, can't wait to hear what your take on it is. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, thanks for all the encouragement on FB, it means alot!