Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Random ramblings

Yes, this will indeed just be a string of random thoughts that have crossed my head lately!

1) I have a friend in the hospital & would LOVE prayers (or whatever you've got) that she's okay. As of yesterday, they were testing her for a mini-stroke.

2) My best friend has been through HECK & back only to find herself in the middle of a storm yet again. She's got the strength to get through with God's grace. But a litle prayer there would be great!

3) Do you ever get tired of weight training? Gah, I so am wanting to scrap it for a bit & just being a cardio bunny (or more of one anyway.) Is that bad? Do I need a break?

4) Wedding guest lists are a bit nerve-wracking. I keep forgetting very important people & it makes me feel bad. Partly because with that, it means cutting others to make room. Feelings will be hurt & there's no way to avoid that. How'd you manage that part? A BIG part of the "cutting" is due to finances. I just dont want the wedding to be a financial burden on my Daddy. That's MY part...not something he's ever said to me.

5) Clif Z-bars are REALLY good! I got a box of 24 at Sam's Club for less than $10! Yes, they are kids bars but I dont care :)

6) It's raining. Why? Because I worked on the wedding list instead of mowing my lawn last night. Oops!

7) Do you fear soy? Drink it? Eat it? Keep away from it because someone or something says it "might" be bad for you?

8) Anyone tried the Coldstone Cupcakes? I've seen them & wonder if they are tasty. (Just heard that commercial while typing..see I told you RANDOM!)

9) My Dad just told me that his dog's "failing" in some ways. He's an old guy (the fluffy lump from under my desk.) He was my Mom's dog so Dad always says he inherited him when Mom died. It'll be soooo awful when he passes.

10) Kevin's "making" me run 2 days in a row so he's not sore for golfing tomorrow! lol

11) I'm hungry & debating dinner at the moment. I want to be naughty but that still makes me feel guilty.

12) Why guilt? Because my head still makes me think sometimes in terms of food rules. Things like no fat with starches, limited fruit, protein at every meal, cheats only once a week, etc. Do they drive you nuts too? I dont live by them much anymore but that little guilt sneaks in. Never fear...I'll squash it!

Random indeed!


Elina said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! You are one fit girl :D Love the before and after. Congrats on your wedding!! :D
PS - hope your friend gets better.

Katy said...

Hi Heather! I didn't realize I could post on your blog without registering, but since I know I can...I'll do it more often! I love following along!

Loved the entry today and felt the need to comment on some of your 'ramblings' (which weren't ramblings at all!)

I'm so over weight training right now...Just doing alot of running and it feels great. I've been forcing myself to do some abs and a little lower body work but otherwise, I've been stuck to the cardio lately too. Plus, I'm weird and love to sweat, especially in the summer.

Wish I could help with the wedding guests - its only a matter of time until I'm in your shoes and feeling the need to cut people/add people, etc. Eek!

Clif Z bars are some at Sam's the other day too! And I stay away from soy, my stomach does not like it one bit and never has, even as a little kid. I pretty much stick to Almond milk.

Haven't had the Coldstone cupcakes but they do look great! I hear you on the guilt...I'm the same way sometimes. We're going on a cruise in 10 days and I refuse to limit myself or feel guilty on the trip -its 5 lousy days and I am going to enjoy every minute of it! Unfortunately I find myself feeling more guilty about before vacation treats than normal though knowing that is on the horizon.

Take care!

Debbra said...


I have been lurking in your blog here & before that in your oxygen journal. I'm really not a psycho, just observing your journey from here in SE Alabama. You have been an inspiration to me for some time and I thought you needed to know it. BTW, I sent up prayers for your friends and your "Dad's" dog. As far as the weights, sometimes a break can be a good thing, sounds like you want one, but just need to know that's it's ok. It is ok, just do what feels right for you. Ok, back to my lurking again. Hope you have a great Day!


Amanda said...

I hear you on the weight training thing. I haven't done a weight workout in about two weeks. I've been doing Tae Bo but I'm using the weighted resistance bands, the Amplifier bar, and today I did the Spot Upper Body Training dvd which does use free weights but since it's Billy I enjoyed it. I say give Tae Bo a try. I've been watching my shoulders and bi's pop since using the resistance bands and Amplifier bar for about 2 weeks! More than I can say about free weights.

FitCrazedMomma said...

Love the ramblings!
Clif Z bars are da bomb.... I steal Amara's from time to time! Don't tell her!

I stay away from most soy things now...Not exactly sure why...probably got scared after reading some research!! I will tear into a soy sausage link or fake chicken patty from time to time though! ;)

Don't worry about not inviting some people to your's your wedding. It's for you and Kevin ( I'm still invited right!?!? ) LOL!!

Mellissa said...

A few things to comment on- I love Cliff Kid Z bars they are so good.

Do not worry about the guest list, keep it small!! You should not need to stress about this and people will forgive you.

I try to stay away from Soy, it kind of scares me. Just my opinion.

The Fat Dietitian said...

I adore Z bars! My favorite is the honey graham. I never get them b/c they can be pricey, I am definitely going to keep my eye out next Sams trip!

Lady Rois said...

Random Responses

1 & 2) Hugs & prayers all around

3) Yeppers... just started doing some crossfit workouts and OMG fun again!

4) Sooo glad that's done for me! You never realize it, but your wedding will be THE event of the year. Someone will always get miffed for not being invited. But remember, it's about starting the next phase of your life together with the people you adore. Make peace with that and let it be your guide.

Also, consider quality vs. quantity. We only had about 30 people attend and still didn't get to talk to most of them.

8) It comes in cupcakes?!

9) Hugs! My parents' kitty has cancer that spread through out his body... this was discovered the day after my mom got home from the hospital. Sux.

11 & 12) Yep... drives me bonkers too. And yep. It takes effort but it can be squished.

Elena said...

I want to be a cardio bunny lately too!