Thursday, July 2, 2009


Sometimes when things just seem like they are falling into place, speed bumps rivaling the size of the Appalachian Mountains surface. I won't go into specifics but it's save to say that my poor Dad can use some prayers. He sounds broken but is doing his best to keep his spirits up. I simply asked God to cut him a break.

Today has been a quiet one in the office (thankfully.) I've still been searching for a decent hotel deal for us to stay in the city (Chicago) tomorrow but it looks like we'll be heading home after the fireworks. It's totally fine but it's always nice to be able to crash up there!

Our holiday plan is to hit the Taste of Chicago tomorrow evening (or earlier depending on my work day), catch the July 3rd Fireworks (yep, the city is odd like that) & then head home. I will say that the Chicago fireworks are listed as some of the best in the country. On the actual 4th, I suspect we'll go for a run or hit the gym for cardio then just grill out for us unless something earthshattering exciting comes our way.

Sunday, Kevin is going to church with me. It's the last service in the current sanctuary. Our church has been in the process of building a huge worship center that will open next weekend. Back to Sunday....this will be a very emotional service for so many. There are so many happy times, sad times, tragic times, etc that we've all experience there. Heck, the first time my Dad was ever there was for my Mom's service & now is there every week unless he's out of town. My uncle & his girlfriend (who we reconnected with when Mom died) are now members. My best friend & her family go there (I started attending with them.) And we have other friends that we've introduced to the church as well. So on Sunday, it will be a farewell to so many emotional moments. To top it all off, they will be having members give testimonials & my BFF's husband will be sharing his story. I wont spill alot here since I know some folks may not know the whole story (& may read the blog.) I will just say that some will be floored to know what he's gone through. I know that tears will be shed. I've already warned Kevin! lol

And just to end on a higher note. This is what I found on my bathroom counter on Saturday afternoon when I went up to get ready! Isn't he a riot?!? My sweet little (okay, not so little) Alex.

Have a fantastic holiday weekend everyone!

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Lady Rois said...

Hugs! Hope your dad is doing better... there's a lot of asking for a break for parents going on - my mom was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago and it was really uncertain the outcome for a bit.

I know it's part of life for the tables to turn and for the children to worry about their parents, but it still sux.

Glad you had a great weekend and congrats on the super cutie head niece that just joined your family.