Saturday, July 18, 2009

Own your power!

It's such a gorgeous Saturday afternoon here in the Region! Sunny, a cool 70 degrees & not a cloud in the sky! Odd for a summer day but I'll take it!

I knocked out some cardio this morning, got groceries & have been doing laundry at home. Tonight's plan is to head downtown (just in Valpo) for a free concert a bike shop is putting on from 5-7. I suspect we'll eat at one of the downtown eateries that has a patio so it's a multi-tasked trip. Should be a good evening as long as the rain doesn't sprout up. If that happens, we'll head to Merrillville for dinner & the movie.

So today during cardio, I was reading the new SELF magazine (the one with Jillian Michaels on the cover) & in the article she talked about giving your power away. What she meant by that was when people come up to her on the street & says "you saved my life" or "it's because of you that I lost 30 pounds." Her point is that that person did the work, she did nothing but provide the motivation. It was a pretty good article. She comes off as much less hard-ass than she does on the show.

Have you given your power away? Do you ever let someone or something have control over your life? Do you OWN your life?

Our lives are always what we make them..good or bad. It's our choice. Yes, I fully believe in God & that our lives are laid out long before we enter the world but there's that little thing called free will that gives us an option. Would you willingly choose to give your power away?

Just a thought for the day. Give yourself credit for what YOU have accomplished. You may have had some encouragement to get there but ultimately it was YOU that did the work & crossed the finish line!

Enjoy your day!

***No fun picture for today since the laptop isnt cooperating!***

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Katy said...

Have you given your power away? Do you ever let someone or something have control over your life? Do you OWN your life?

What a great question/food for thought. Its actually something I'm trying desperately to change about myself. I let others dictate my mood, my happiness, my decisions, you name it. I don't know why I feel the intense need to make others happy, but I always do, and often at the expense of my own happiness. I really strive to get to the point where I live my life by my standards and don't care about letting others down. I should say, when I say others, I mean those close to me - fiancee, parents, etc.

But, that being said, I know when I work hard to reach goals or to accomplish things and I'm pretty good at recognizing when its through my own hard work that I achieve something.

Hope you guys have a great night!