Monday, July 13, 2009

A new day!

So, we all have those moments were we feel that today is the beginning of the rest of my life. For me, today is no different.

Let's back track. On Friday, I posted a pretty deep/heavy post about friends. I really realized that people in our lives that cause animosity are not really friends. It shouldn't be that way. So I guess that really sealed my thoughts on that whole situation. I cannot thank you all enough (I say that ALOT) for sharing your own experiences. It really meant alot to hear your struggles with friendships & while I've been through this before, it never makes it easier!

With that, I realized that I had not been the best friend I could be to someone that had become very dear to me. I get sucked into drama, become someone I'm not proud of & let those that really are what I need in my life fall to the side. I emailed my friend to apologize & hope that she forgives me for that behavior. I knew her long before many so want to preserve that friendship if possible.

Sunday was an amazing day at church too. It was the grand opening of our new worship center. Appropriately enough, our band opened with U2's Beautiful Day. You know what? It completely was! I had my favorite aunt in town & she sang next to me. The most beautiful voice EVER! Aunt Pat makes me smile & is the closest thing to my Mom that I have sometimes. They were very close & though she's actually my Dad's sister, it's like having Mom there!

Got ahead of myself. Friday night, I got to visit with my oldest & dearest friend, her kids & her cousin (who I've known just as long.) We had the best time talking about everything under the sun. When I get to see them, it's like we saw each other yesterday. What could be better than that? I left Tammy's hotel at almost 1230am & could've kept chatting. I'll post a couple pics once she get's them on FB!

Saturday night, we headed to BW-3 to watch the UFC fights. I knew my good friend, Nicole was going to be joining us but was happy to have Kevin's roommate & his girlfriend also come too! We had so much fun! Great fights that night too!

Overall, it was a pleasant weekend enjoyed with great friends! I also got alot of yardwork done & scrubbed my garage floor! My body is still tired today but not tired enough that I couldnt plug along a run this morning.

After work today, I'm going to the hospital to visit my Gram. She's having surgery today (nothing major) but I want to go check on her & maybe grab dinner with my Aunt Pat & Grandpa.

I face this week with some clarity about what's important in life, who really is dear to me & why I live the life I do. I know that God is with me, always looking out for me & will never let me be hurt. Yes, I have to go THROUGH hurts but he will never let me BE hurt as long as I trust. You know that "gut" feeling we always get. It's not "gut," it's God. I will learn to trust him more!

Have a FANTASTIC day!

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Katy said...

It sounds like you had a fun, productive and enlightening weekend!

I'm glad you've found some clarity and peace, its a terrible feeling to have things like that weighing on your mind. And it takes a truly special person to look at their own actions objectively and decide to make changes. Sometimes what we may dislike in others, we often see a bit in ourselves and it takes a really humble, truly 'good' person to admit that!

I hope your grandma's surgery goes well and that you have a nice evening!