Monday, July 20, 2009

Taking some time.

Chris, Mom, Pat (my running mentor) & Me at the 2004 Chicago Marathon (my first full marathon!)

Just a quick note. I may not be blogging much this week because if I do 1) you are going to get bored & 2) it might turn into a sob fest.

This is a difficult week for me still though it's only been about 3 years since my Mom died. It's hard nonetheless & I always have a hard time not re-living the week's events. They are still too fresh in my head & on my heart.

We can easily make new friends, start new relationships, etc but never in our lives can we replace our parents. That is a void that can never be filled.

I have so much happiness in my life & God's blessings are clearly abundant but the sadness still remains.

So this week I'll just be taking time to remember my Mom.

My parents


krispy1138 said...

My mom's birthday was the 16th. That's still one of the hard days for me, even after 7 years. Try to find the joy in the memories.

krys said...

my heart's breaking for you heather.