Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blah, blah, blah

Today finds me with a couple rants on tap.

The first has to do with my job. It's no secret that my work day is not always filled with meetings, conference calls & other high stress items like it did in the HR job that I left in October 2006. I have to do payroll on Tuesdays, accounts payable on Wednesday then union reports & taxes monthly. That's about it unless I have an audit to prep for (like next week.) Is it exciting? Nope. Is it boring? Yes, completely on some days. That is why I read, spend time on FB, blog, etc. My family & friends know that I left a job I LOVED to come take over the office after my Mom died. So then why do they insist on making fun of my "job" as they often refer to it (yes, even using the quotes when referring to my "job" or calling it "work." You know what? I'd MUCH rather have things be Mom still be alive & me doing my thing at OE (old employer.) But that's now how it is so why do they insist on making insensitive comments about it. It really hurts my feelings.

The other rant is about my run this morning. I think I once shared that I have potty issues on some runs (usually the super fast or super long ones) where I have to potty right NOW!!!! It happened today when hubby & I were a FULL 4 minutes faster than my pace on Sunday (that also rocked.) So as a result of the "OMG, I have to go now" situation, we had to walk a bit. So close to home (actually in the subdivision) but it just couldn't be avoided. I was SO bummed. At one point, Kevin actually asked me if I was trying to kill him with that pace! hahaha We are normally 9:30-10 min/mile pacers & I'm totally content with that but today we were rocking closer to a 8:45-9 had I not had to walk until the "urge" passed. Next time, my friends. Next time.

I saw this today on a blog (a Bakerella creation.)

My SIL & I made cake pops for my niece's 1st birthday party. (They look frosty since they were stored in the freezer.)

Family saw the pics on FB & were raving about them so I promised to make some for the next cookout. Well, that is happening on August 21st so I let my Aunt June pick the flavor. She is chosing strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting. I'll dip them in white chocolate then put some sort of red sprinkles or something on them. Yum yum! You must try cake pops sometime!

That's not really a rant but I wanted to end on a fun/happy note. I'm nose-deep in my book today. It's getting SO good & I got notice last night that #2 in the series is on hold for me at the library. No pressure to hurry right?!?

Happy Hump Day!


Jennifer said...

Heather ~ I, too, have quite a bit of downtime at work and like to read several blogs and get my FB time in ... and I would much rather be working somewhere else. I am sorry that you are getting bombarded with the negative comments ~ maybe those are people you might want to steer clear of for awhile until they are no longer toxic to you. The cake pops look too delish! Love you!!

Jeff and Natalie Perez said...

what are you reading? A cute fun book that is an easy read is Bulletproof Mascara. It is a newer book it's avon lady meets charlie's angels.

Heather said...

Jennifer, you are the best! Love you too girl!

Natalie, I'm reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series by Stieg Larsson. They are SO good! I literally read half the book yesterday to finish it! SOOOOOO good!

Jennifer said...

I may be done with my job after October 1 (or working only 3 days a week) and really want to get a blog up and running. Maybe I can come hang with you at the office, so you can show me the ropes!

Jeff and Natalie Perez said...

Heather-I heard that it is a really good book. My friend is counting down the days for the movie.