Monday, August 9, 2010

Rain on my parade.

Happy Monday (what an oxymoron...) Okay, it's not that bad! The weekend was fun even though it rained while we were in Chicago yesterday. And it was CRAZY windy but they don't call it the Windy City for nothing.

Let's back up. Saturday morning, we got up & did a 4 mile run. The weather has been (not anymore) wonderful & pretty cool in the morning. Kevin went off to work, I got stuff done & before I knew it we were on the road to the wedding reception. We had a FABULOUS time, good eats, good drinks & lotsa dancing. I felt fabulous in my new dress, had my hair done all curly like Kevin likes & we'll just say it was a GREAT night.

I woke on Sunday early with a headache (part vodka, part hormone related) but we slept longer & were headed to the city. It rained but we enjoyed a nice lunch at Cheesecake Factory. I had the portabella sandwich eating all of that but only half the bun, some salad & a piece of bread. It was SO good. Thick portabella with a thick slice of grilled onion & tomato.

We tried to watch Bounty Hunter but I fell asleep catching only the beginning & end. It was cute though. Aniston looks FAB!

Anyway, the weekend was a success in my book. No regrets only fun. It was the last "dress up" event that was planned so it was fun to enjoy it with hubby! I'm really making great progress personally too & will continue to tease on that. Let's just say I'm following the "K-Factor" plan ;)

Hope YOUR weekend was equally fabulous & you got enjoy time with your friends, family or whatever means the most to you!!!!

Make it a great week!

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