Monday, August 30, 2010


I don't have much to say other than I can't believe it's almost September!!!! Vacation is just a couple months away & we are so fired up! We got our tickets for Universal & Halloween Horror Nights already too! NO backing out of HHN now! lol In fact, we plan to go on Friday & will get a "Stay & Scream" pass for Sunday if we 1) can handle it again & 2) don't see all we want to on the night we go!

Things have been moving right along with my own personal conquest back to my "best life." I dropped 8.5 pounds in the month of August! Woohoo!! No goal date in sight but I do want to look my best for my honeymoon ;) But you won't hear "I want to weigh x pounds by 10/26." Instead, I'll be focusing on doing well each day, enjoying some goodies along the way & bringing my best me to Orlando!

Running is also going fabulous! We are only doing 3 runs a week anywhere from 3-6 miles but that's perfect. We don't have a need to run longer than that though when the cooler temps come & stay for good, I'd like to clock some longer runs. Why? Because I can!!!!

Wow, exciting in my world, eh? haha On tap? Hubby turns 35 on Thursday & my MIL turns, um, 25?, on Saturday! ;) I'm treating everyone (including my Dad & his girlfriend) to dinner that night then we'll all head to the casino for some more fun!

Have a great week all!!!!!


High Heeled Mama said...

You sound so happy. I am very excited for you.

I wish we could do the Halloween thing but I am not allowed the travel more than 3 hours away :( so it will have to wait until next year.

Jennifer said...

Congrats on the weight loss (10 lbs as of your updated blog post) for August! That is more than fantastic! Especially when you and I both know that weight training adds muscle which adds....weight on the scale! But a very good kind ~~ when you see that nicely toned shoulder or bicep or thigh or bootie! Keep up the good work! You and Kevin have kick ass weeks of healthy living! Be proud!!!