Monday, August 23, 2010


So I also forgot to add something that happened at the picnic. We were sitting in my uncle's garage & I hear him call my name. He says "Charlotte (gram), you know who she looks like?" Gram plays along & you will NOT believe what came out of his mouth....

Are you kidding me? My Grandfather (who's brutally honest) proceeds to tell me that I look like Jennifer Aniston! And we even have a similar smile. It was SO funny not only because I accused him of sucking up but because a guy at the gym said to Kevin last week "not everyone can have a wife that looks like Jennifer Aniston." I'm NOT kidding. I'm not sure I see the connection other than the flat chin & cheekbones but I'll take it. I certainly do not have her body but am working on getting MY best body so I'll accept that. And we are close in age so it's a win there too.

It was so funny, I was totally flattered because I know my Grandpa loves me dearly but he'd NEVER say such a thing if he didn't mean it.

Busy here at work. Things have picked up & we have doubled our crew in the last week so I'm adding new hires, updating payroll sheets, etc. Then I will of course catch up on my shows (The Gates.)

Have a great week. Own it again. I'm waging battle against PMS that leaves me CRAZY hungry so I'm increasing my foods just a bit (two eggs instead of one, nuts with afternoon snack, a little more at dinner.) Nothing crazy but doing that will curb a desire to snack & hopefully keep the hunger at bay. Smart girls plan where they can ;)

Happy Monday!!!

Love, Jen ;) hahahaa


Keely said...

At least she is gorgeous! I get every single day, 3 times/day that I look like Sarah Jessica Parker. I just smile but every time just think...but she's not that good looking!

Finished the book?

Heather said...

She is & he was adamant about it too. He said especially from the side profile & also the smile. I'll take it! haha And I think SJP is pretty too so there :)

I just got the third book from Stacia yesterday so will start that today! I am excited but sad already since you said it's not as good. I was GLUED to the second book!!!!