Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Feeling fussy.

Yes, that's right. I feel like a fussy baby. I had the WORST night's sleep in a very long time. Tossed & turned, looked at the clock & only minutes would pass. I was miserable. I really wanted to keep tossing when the alarm went off but knew that I'd feel better if I moved my body. Kevin even offered to just walk (which he detests) but I really wanted to run!

About that run. Let me brag about the MUCH cooler temps we are finally having. It was about 63 when we ran this morning. SO awesome! Dodged the canadian geese once, did our loop then dodged them again by running in a yard. Where....I twisted my ankle :( I think it's okay since I was able to walk it off & keep running. We'll see how it goes as the day progresses.

On a totally separate tangent. Have you guys seen the Tyra promo about the girl with the uber tiny waist? She's going to be on America's Next Top Model. 6'2" & a size 00. Here's the girl (with Ms. J's hands around her waist.)

It sparked a discussion on the radio about size, weight & of course, eating disorders. A woman called in to share her story of eating 37 calories a day but when she couldn't stop the hunger she started purging instead. Her gag reflex stopped working with her finger so she had to use a knife. I had tears in my eyes knowing that people go to such lengths. I've been a hardcore binger. It was really bad at one point in my life (adult life) but now I realize that I can enjoy what I want within reason. Disclaimer: it took a lot of work to get past that mindset. I have coke with lunch, I eat nuts, full fat cheeses, eggs daily, etc. I'm losing weight. I get it. I really do since I've been obese. But you don't have to live that way & you don't have to extreme diet to lose weight either.

See...a tangent. But it broke my heart.

On that note, I better finish payroll. Boys want paid & so do I!!!


fitnessprincess said...

Thanks Heather - no I hadn't heard about this girl. Recently I read a piece in Vogue that really hit home with me. I don't the remember the model's name but she is a top model recognized internationally. She's a size 4 and is called "curvy" and in the piece talked about her struggles to remain sane being a size 4 which is apparently "huge." She recounted going on a go-see and having a clothing designer tell her that he preferred girls who were smaller because they were more like the clothes hangers he designed his clothes on. That really woke me up. I don't want to be a clothes hanger. I want to be a human woman! boobs and hips and all:)
Have a great day:)

Dotsie said...

Oh, wow. Haven't heard of this girl, but this is so sad. I think I will look into it...surely Tyra knows this probably isn't a good role model...?? Why even have this girl on her show? Ugh.

Heather said...

Good thoughts on that ladies!!!! Honestly, I'm curvy & built like my Dad. Mom was petite but I got NO part of that. So I'm built (she's a brickhouse...lol) but have never minded my curves (well, once they weren't covered with flab anymore.) I will never be smaller than a size 8 & look good.

I don't think that Tyra was trying to promote waifness by any means & the show is about modeling. Many of the girls on the show are just as thin but this just happened to get a lot of press when the promo aired. Just poor choices on their marketing department.