Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Food for thought?

Literally. Another edition of what I ate today. I think this may be a typical Wednesday. We'll see.

Rice cake with smear of almond butter & preserves
Slice of toast with an egg & slice of cheese (open face egg sandwich)
Half roast beef with cheese & mustard, apple, coke
Grapes & Zone bar (the chocolate mint taste like Thin Mint cookies)
Burger (no bun) & sweet potato fries

Shoulders & Core (this morning)
20 min of something (after work)

I was EXHAUSTED today & fell asleep after the gym this morning in the chair. We planned to do our 20 mins of cardio after training but I had NO energy. Still tired but will pull something out of the dark later. Probably end up doing 20 min of Insanity. The heat index would kill me though I'm really itching to run!

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