Monday, August 16, 2010

Come Monday.....

Happy Monday!!! I know that sounds like such an oxymoron for some but when you are rocking along with your goals then it's fun to start the week with pep in your step!!!

Saturday, we had a GREAT time at the Jimmy Buffett concert. It was HOT HOT HOT & water was hard to find in the venue (for us designated drivers.) Still tons of fun even with having dehydrated a bit.

We even had a special surprise when this arrived with the adorable Patrick Kane!

It was a fun time though & I was amazed with how laid back all the Parrotheads are! So fun!

Sunday was "stain the deck" day where we put the final coat on the rails, did some errands, grabbed lunch & then drank the "Twilight" kool-aid. We've never read the books but finally bit the bullet when it came from Netflix. Verdict? We really liked it. I can now see the draw of Team Edward & why folks like him. But I'm still all over Team Jacob especially since I've been told that he reminds folks of Kevin (LOL.) We'll get the next one in a couple days & are excited to watch. Yep, the sucked in. haha

Not much on tap for this week. We have an "H" family picnic this weekend. I was "strongly encouraged" to bring cake balls so I let my aunt pick the flavor...strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting. I will dip them in white chocolate. Yummy!!!! My family are the BEST cooks so I will plan to enjoy 1-2 bites of everything I want to try (2 bites being reserved for the REALLY fabulous stuff.)

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend & are ready to own this week. I certainly am!!!!! YOU are in control & never let anyone tell you otherwise!!!!

Now, just do it!


High Heeled Mama said...

girl - those movies will suck you in. I read the books, saw all the movies so far as well as own the first 2 movies (will get the 3rd when it is available). Glad to see you had a good weekend.

Kathi said...

I thought about you this weekend when my neighbors said they were heading to the Buffet Concert. Sounds like it was a good time.
I hadn't seen any of the movies either but my girlfriend invited me to "elipse" so I had to watch the others to get caught up. I would like to check out the books now.
I am ready to own this week!

Dotsie said...

:-) you just made me wanna own this week more than I already did!

Glad you had fun at the concert!!